Sunday, December 27, 2009


Quess, where was this photo taken place ?....Yes, right, this two gentlemen, Palestine citizen sitted outside,  in front of a Coffee shop in West Bank, Palestine territory, one man using chafiyah, Yasser Arafat style.
This town welknown around the world including to shcool children, mostly Christian because  Betlehem known as a  birth place of  Christ Yesus.

One red dot was the exact location of Jerusalem, near the green line, the border of two countries and one of disputed area where Israel kept house development for its citizen, where Palestinian opposed, refused  to sign the peace agreement,  hold a peace talks with Israel, unless house development around Jerusalem stop.

The above building was Church of Nativity, where Yesus born in an animal Stable when all accomodations fully booked, while all Jews paid a visit to Jerusalem for citizenship registration as Roman authority issued.

Under the church building on basement, an exact location marked by stars in the floor, birth place of Yesus Christ. To enter the church building we have to bend down, since the door too short for a man standing position. To see the stars of birth place, we cross the church aisle and took downstairs.

Since Yasser Arafat appointed as a Palesti President , he never missed to attended the mass service of Christmas. Last December 24, 2009, a ruling President, Mahmud Abbas, Palestine Prime Minister and Betlehem mayor attended the service as well.
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