Thursday, December 31, 2009


happy new year 2010

full moon over the fireworks
behind a big ad screen
Wheater forecasted this very hour had been expected to be heavy rain, and people reminded to be careful, but it didn't stopped them to came,  group by group flowing, thousand, gathered in the center, in front of La Piaza, Kelapa Gading, next beside Kelapa Gading Mall, North Jakarta. I thought the crowds came from every where by cars nor by motorbike, parking in every spaces available around the circle road garden, Jogging garden, La Piaza, Mall, in the street.

Kelapa Gading in the last decade growing as independent city, a lots of malls, supermarkets, restaurants (locals, international cuisines), apartments, Banks,  International Hospitals, car show rooms, real estates, International Schools - NJIS, Taipei, Kindergartens etc - , local scools. Everythings we can find it in this new city and one of the biggest shopping center in Jakarta.

The fireworks, had been  a regular performances here, especially in a big holidays such as Idulfitry and New Year. That was why people automatically set their end of year agenda to watching beautiful colorful fireworks in a nice, convenient enviroments.
                                                         ahead to the round garden
An hour before midnight, the cars parked nearby, and then take a walk headed to one point, round road with small garden in the middle, made the traffic didn't moved. The drivers, mostly eager to watching,  knew the situation, stopped the cars or motorbikes in the middle of the road.

Polices kept their duty well, stopped the cars and let the people sitting, walking in the middle of the road, set the position as convenience as possible in every spots, some ready to shot - by cameras nor handphones - every fireworks sparking overhead, stuck unexpected, multicolors from every corners around La Piaza, Kelapa Gading Icon where the top Bands and top singers run a special performances.
                                                       full moon behind a firework

This mass sporadic gathering unorganized, the fireworks setted, scatters in any places, but not far, half a mile and around the round road, Jogging garden, behind  the Mall and another one, farther away in resident compound.

A louder fire mostly came out from a bigger fireworks and sparkling bigger flower fire too, colorful. Sometime a louder fire not always produce a big size of flame. Some a small size of the firework packs made a louder thunder bangs and a little sandy fires.
Albeith, the crowded people gathers, the security condition handled well by the polices. The seconds
after midnigt and fireworks almost over, the gathering moved slowly to four directions - east, west, north, south -, cars bumper to bumper find a way through hundreds of motorbikes, pedestarians, walking in the middle of the road to the parking lots.

Looking to every single groups, most of the people in the low bracket income. Some youngsters prefer not going outside the cities with any reasons. Some middle bracket group didn't spend this special day out of towns, when usually in heavy traffic, such as Puncak, cold weather in mountainoeous West Java, 150 kilometer away or to Anyer beach in the west part of Jakarta, capital.Two most priority destinations.

                la piaza, kelapa gading, north jakarta

For the time to come, to make it more interesting, more covenient and become a tourist events and destinations in town, Goverment, Police force and Mall management should sit together to organized where the spots of fireworks set, parking management. Might be built a stage for Band performance for public, beside the one in the cafes of  La Piaza in Auditorium.



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