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Tortor Batak dance
The song "Alusi Au" a wellknown song from  Batak land, North Sumatera, Northwest side of Indonesia archipelago, arranged by Mr.Nahum Situmorang, the top Batak artist - decease- play by a vocal group in a happy atmosphere. The singers  might be sing while dancing tortor or body rocked and hand movement.

Without asking by the singers, no commands, usually the audiences - no matter what the backgrounds is -automatically affected, attracted to go rock in standing nor in sitting position as well. Even more, Bataks  people automatically by instinct will joining the vocal or just  humming the song hymn.

Some of us, may be didn't care what the soul of Alusi au  really mean, but we may jointed to rock, dancing with fingers movement. The arranger seek the Answer the question :"Do you love me", please let me know and don't let me down, the song said

The song would be nicer if the song  sing not by solo tone but in group of 4 or more in choir mode, consist of solo, alto, tenor and bass vocal. While sing, the singers usually raise up or hands downward, following the rhythm by one or duo guitars, a gending sets, seruling bamboo pipe or band equipments. Most of the movement using hand, flip upright while the fingers move opened outside and closed automatically.

Since the song arrange by Bataks clan, the climate tend to traditionally atmosphere, even more if the singers using Ulos, Batak chocolate color scraft slung in the shoulders and  the man capped with similar color with  ulos.

The audiences may asked to stand up, come forward to joint the singers in the main stage or just stand up beside their own chairs/tables. In this way automatically will elevate the happy environment and make the gathering united by sing together. The song itself not far from "Love song", albeith opening  phrase not saying a word of love.

It would be better off if we copy the word's song, put it in the wallet and may sing it whenever time and place convenient. Below the complete body of the song :

by.Nahum Situmorang

Alusi au.....alusi au

Marragam ragam do anggo sitta sitta dihita manusia
Marasing asing do pangidoan di ganup ganup jolma
Hamoraon hagabeon hasangapon ido dilului na deba
Dinadeba asal ma tarbarita goarna tahe

Anggo di au tung asing do sitta sitta
Asing pangidoanku
Mansai ambal be unang pola manginsak hame di au
Sasudena nahugoari i dada i saut dia au
Sitta sitta di au tung asing situtu do tahe

Tung holong nirohami sambing do na huparsitta sitta
Tung denggan ni basam basami do na hupaima ima
Asi ni roham da ito  uang loas au maila
Beha roham dokma hatam alusi au

Alusi au...alusi au
Alusi au.....alusi alusi au
Alusi au alusi au

The free translation as follows:

Answer me...answer me.....

The human being had a multi dreams
Every single person request the different things
Wealthiness, children, respects were some of dream
The others willing to be well known

But my dream is a special at all
A different from the others
Don't blame me if my request is uncommon
All I had mentions not really for me
My dream is a special at all

Just your love what I am dreaming for
Your humble heart what I am waiting for
Please don't let me down and embarrass
How do you say please let me know

Answer me please.....answer me...
Answer me please.....answer me
Answer me answer me

Lets doing rehearshal at home, dancing Tor tor, playing a guitar or  watching Youtube.....ALUSI AU
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