Monday, October 19, 2009


Ready go to school

Dawn, early in the morning the weather friendly, cool, my skin,  heart and my mind felt warm, satisfied and happy while took an "Andong", a Java chart together with 3 small kids, Vera, Monang, Peggy, imaging what kind of our new home would be.

The horse pulled, walking down town slowly ahead to my new home. Yes...... new home presented by my employer, Bank BRI to supported my new job as a new Vice Branch Manager at BRI Branch at Kebumen, Central Java.

We leaved Jakarta behind by train and said good bye to my wife sisters and brothers in a small rental house.Step down from the Andong, walked forward, enter our new home, home  sweet home for the fist time in a peacefull enviroment.
At 07.00 someone knocked the door, introduced his name  Kiyamuddin, as my driver. He came drove a Toyota Jeep, a canvas type, to be my first official car company.

                                       Andong or delman, a cart in rural area in Java island

The next morning before took me to the office, Kiyamuddin drove my kids to school using company's car.Today my dream come true, Thanks God you allowed us to enjoyed life with my new status, new home, new car and the driver.

Since then we feel free to used the car for personal purposes after working hours, Sunday or holiday, go wherever we want using car company. We went to see Borobudur, Prambanan temples and my beloved Gajah Mada University campus in Yogjakarta, Central Java. In Kebumen districts we visited Karangbolong tunnel swith stalagtig, Batu Raden and Sempor damn for Agriculture purposes.

                                My wife : New house

What relieved.....after 30 months lived in a very small house in Subang, Bekasi and Jakarta. Went to the office or wherever, mostly I forced to took overloaded public Bus in order to get to the office on time. Sometime drove  a motor bike.

Still fresh in my mind 4 years previuosly I worked in private company in a good salary full of facilities such as housing, car and meals.
We have to took a tough decision, prefer stayed still in private company or try the possibilities be a Goverment personnels. Ultimately, our decision blessed to be Bank BRI personnels with all benefits and facilities. Thank you Lord....and thanks BRI. photo : BRI Head quater, Jakarta 2009

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