Monday, April 9, 2018


Few months previously, Jokowi bought a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 cc motor chopper type from his personal pocket for $ 10.000, a youngster motor local made. No one predicted when or where he would drive that motor. We never expected, Sunday he drove 30 kilometer in Sukabumi, South of West Java to Pelabuhan ratu beach, a tourist destination in the South. Not only to try his new motor bike but work as well to see the rice field irrigation done by local community.

He drove along with an entourage, two minsters, General public minister and Transportation minister. We may see no tight security since he was loved by his people, never any attempt to murder him from the other sides, since recently approaching President election, start next 4 months ahead in August 2018. We expect he will elect for he second term 2019  2024. He and the minsters work very hard to run the clean government.

Jokowi wear sport shoe, blue jean and jacket. In the front of jacket written small Indonesia map and in the back written big Indonesia big letters. Whole distance the drove half by car from Bogor palace and half by motor bike. He used to drove motor when he was Solo mayor in Central Java 6 years ago.

Image result for jokowi naik motor

Image result for jokowi naik motor
               Jokowi passed gathered public
Paspampres berlarian mengawal Presiden Joko Widodo yang naik motor chopper di Sukabumi, Minggu (8/4/2018).
                        Jokowi passed a small road

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