Friday, January 5, 2018


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I had join one of the top group in Face book name "Diskusi Dengan Babo" headed by an experience business man and an excellence writer about business, politic religion and humanitarian. This group members consisted educated and critical manner. Not easy to post a topic into this group after selected scrutinized by administrator, mostly by Mr Eko Utomo and some by the head himself, Mr.Erizely Jely Bandaro.

In the beginning some of my posts turned down by admin, but aftr some time, may be 5 - 6 months, I knew what  kinds of topic the group preferred. So I specialized in the  business, economy macro nor micro. After that, my writing welcome by the admin sometime by the head himself. I feel good if my writing posting.

This group backed up President Joko Widodo position to become the second period presidency. Our reasons are that Jokowi was a very kind man, just in 3 years in power, he performed excellence, clean and worked endlessly more than previous President. He never stop visited the regions, some time visited 2 regions in a day. He spent much time to control big projects the infra strucure in development and inaugurated after finished.

My writing about  macro economic, backed up the President development programs along with statistical data. I posted it in my own status readings my my friend list along with our group.  Once I posted in my University friends. I got so many complaints from the readers who anti Jokowi. But I kept calm not to responded them. It was the right to support another President candidate for 2019. They accused me steal the campaign period.

Lately, I may posted 2 writings and love it because many appraisal about my easy reading even the content was heavy. I could made the heavy became light to read. 
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