Friday, December 23, 2016


Monang (standing) in Christmas breakfast

Monang, Sarah before take off back to State

"I preferred to stay, not to find another job in another Banks", my son Monang Situmeang told me this morning. He kept stayed in the same Bank office for 11 years although the Bank merged early this year. The old Bank, National Bank of California merged by Commercial Bank of California then the name changed became Commercial Bank of California. The old owner, Jewish American sold out the Bank to a new owner, Indian American.

The old Bank was good in Saving based costumers while the new Bank was good in loan based costumers. Since the merger, the new Bank became good in both sides, loan and saving. The new owner set a high expansion in a year, US,$ 1 billion asset.

Monang kept in the same office building with the same coworkers and the same Branch manager, a senior single mother with 2 kids. They work as a team in a good environment. Monang knew the Branch Manager character well, he knew if any occasion his boss upset and the boss knew if Monang upset too.
He also knew the costumers well as the costumers knew Monang well. Some time costumers preferred served by Monang alone, not by another workers. If Monang away, the costumers preferred to wait until Monang back to office.

Monang direct supervisors, an assistant vise President away for a new assignment as Merger team and Monang took over his position. As a logic consequences Monang seated in his position as Operation officer and Asistant Vice President and off course the higher salary as well. In his condition he afford to buy a house in the near future.   
"Seated in a higher position as a Boss doesn't meant to assigned subordinated to do the job done just like in Indonesia", he said. The subordinates thought a higher salary has the the high burden jobs to do.

We talked about the Bank business a lots when he and wife Sarah spend 2 weeks holiday in Jakarta at the end of October 2016. Monang followed my profession as a Banker so we understand the business. As a father I was please that he continue my path as a Banker.

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