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                                                         San Yoo Ra, Korean

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Sasha Stevenson, Canada
                                                               The four of them

You can't love what you don't know. I wouldn't married some one I never know.
You are right, in some cultures girls married to a man, chosen  by parent. It was an exception, right.

Last Friday September 16, 2016 I was stunned to watch a TV program in Jakarta, named Kick Andy.
Andy, the host interviewed 3 foreign girls from Iceland (Estonia), Canada and Korea and an Italian man. They all fluent speak Indonesian language with their origin accent. They look happy and funny.

South Korean girl learn doing business with her auntie in Bali when she was in junior high school and her love to Indonesia she saw it in You tube video and made her name famous in Indonesia.
She speak Indonesia fluent and funny as well. He intend to be Indonesian citizen later because she like Indonesia boys way to approach slowly, kindly. Not like Korean boys who tend to spoke directly if likes a girl.

Canadian girl and Italian man fall in love with Indonesian and got married. The Korean girl and Iceland still single recently. 

A Canadian girls, Sasa Stevenson is English teacher for 1 year period since 2001. Then she thought extend 1 more year to learn Indonesia language. Ultimately in the fourth year she fall in love with Indonesia along with her Indonesian husband.
She loved to stay because Indonesia is a free country. If a family shortage of money, just cook porridge push a cart and going around without a permit from the local Government. In Canada you couldn't do that without various permits. She challenged and learn every day to different culture instead of married Canadian man with similar culture.

Based on her experiences of Indonesian life, she created lots of videos that posted in you tube, watched by 400.000 visitors, she became well known.

An Iceland girl photographer spend 1 year study about Indonesia in Solo city, Central Java then visited some regions like Bali and Sumatra. She hitched a truck from Solo, Central Java to Aceh in the tip of North Sumatra. Back again to Solo by a truck for free. She never scare of anything, including stayed 3 nights in the jungle with nomaden people in Jambi in Central Sumatra.

She jointed Balinese ritual too when she stayed in Bali island. She loves Indonesia as a small World that she can speak one language all across 17.000 islands. Not like Europe that spoke different languages in every single country. She spend 2 months holiday every year in hot climate, Indonesia leaved her cold country that some time minus 30 degree.

An Italian photographer love to shoot villages in West Java as original Indonesia. He hope the villages environment should keep it as original. Because it is Indonesia, not modern building.
She loves Sunda songs, West Java songs and able to sing it and knew the well known Sunda singers.

What the most he loves about Indonesian people are very very calm not like his attitude, always in anger mood. His Sunda wife teach him how to behave calm. "If you are in temper, just say Astagafirullah", his wife said.

So love your country more then foreigners love Indonesia.

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