Thursday, July 14, 2016


Just like the arrows aiming to the point of somewhere far away, focus ahead without looking and thinking behind not distracted to what circumstance lay behind.  May we hear noise beside or behind but your eyes and mind focus on what in front of our eyes. The shoot might be hit the right spot by the good materials of the bow. A bow share a lots in the shoots.

Or like a driver who hold the steering and focus, facing the road ahead all the times and some time looking at the passengers seated in the back. Might be the car's owner the one who seated in the back.

Did you remember how you treated your children and how you care about your parent ?. Just recalled in childhood, parent try the best to made you happy, took you to the game, buy things you love, buy the best shirts and shoes, took to the doctor, on holiday, took and pick you up from school, paid your tuition fee, buy the cars and so on and so on.

Yes, we never forget what they did for us. But how we treat our parent ? The arrows hit the points but don't ever forget the bow, your parent. Drive your car but take a look in the back seat who own the car, your parent. Did ever treated them in cozy restaurant as the treated you ? Did you ever asked them what kind of their menu today ? Did you ever took them to the hospital or buy them presents in birthday ? Or Did yo buy them a car as they buy you once ?

What is is your answers ? Shock to hear my questions or remind you to give hem more attention in the years to come. Or your spouse disagree with you. Treat your parent and parent in law the same treatment. Yes as much as you can. If you can afford the best way waiting ? While they live in the World do something. Useless to built them luxury tomb. Better off serve them in the rest of their life.

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