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Delivery cost all across Indonesia archipelago relatively affordable based on family's income, either in the city or in country sides. US $ 867 is delivery in the big cities like Jakarta or outskirt of the capital like Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi or in the capital city of provinces, where good hospital available. The cost are for cesar operation served in 1st class hospital room and specialist doctor. Generally speaking, Indonesian take care by the Government.
Jonas Situmeang

Citizen who lived in the big cities and belong to medium and high class can afford such cost, or maybe pay by their insurance or by the companies. But for citizen in the bracket of medium to low income, BPJS or Government insurance company will pay the cost, even more after President Jokowi took office at the end of 2014.

Interesting to know that delivery by home nurses at home just below Rp 2 million. In medium class private hospital about Rp 5 million. Local Government hospitals are free, paid by BPJS, Government insurance company.
So where to be delivery depend on the wallet of the parents, in high class, medium hospitals, in local Government hospital or just the old way, the home nurses come to our house.

I write this topic after saw a big advertisement in front of a big hospital in Jakarta and then asked my face book friends. They all responded that the costs are reasonable. Even more, the couple previously  be ready for expecting a new baby in to the family.

For certain tribes expecting new baby boy in the family just like Chinese and Batak. Many children without a boy, something missing. The old cultures still kept tight in several tribes, like any gender discrimination. Even the family had 2 sweet baby girls, they still expecting more then 1 baby boy.

Anyway, Indonesia with 250 million citizen are very big population and Government work very hard to feed them. Let us back to the old family planning, have 2 children are more then enough, for the sake of the future of our nation welfare.

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