Monday, May 30, 2016


Wherever we go, we should a just our self to local, place and environment where we come, lived or interaction. When we visit a space, building or rooms that we need silence, we should follow the common ethic.

When have lunch today in open cafe in a Hospital in North Jakarta, seated next to our table 2 man, 1 woman and a kid. One man in standing position speak loudly while his friend seated have lunch too. They are Indian, speak English, indicated that one or all of them were not Indonesian citizen. Might be foreigner executives or business man.

The problem is why they speak loudly in the cafe inside the hospital that should be behave accordingly. Patients need a silence or calm situation who some have lunch in the same space.
I try to remind them by looking directly toward them by turn my head and open eyes bigger than normal, but he didn't care.

Few days later a young Indian couple passed our table in open restaurant in a shopping mall, the husband speak out loud too. This second case reminded me of the first case above.

I try to understand back ground of Indian culture who might be are common speak loud in any places. Sorry if I am wrong. I urge everyone to honor local culture or places that we should behave accordingly.

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