Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This year 2016, Antonia Jones, 17 year would be graduated from Jakarta Senior high school  and hunting what Universities should be apply at. Her school group went to Bandung, West Java and Karawaci, out skirt of Jakarta to see some Universities there. She also went to Education fair in Jakarta many University from over seas and local offer variety of faculties.

Even Senior high school not yet graduated in 2016 but many private Universities held admit tests while State Universities keep waiting until graduation some time in June 2016.
Antonia had passed test in Atmajaya University, a good one in Industrial technique faculty and entry fee paid accordingly.

After graduation in June 2016, Antonia will admit to one State University, either in Jakarta or in Bandung, West Java. If she passed the test in State University then entry fee from private University could reimburse but not 100% just 75%. It was unfair system in Indonesia education.

For long she intend to be enter Flying school either in Indonesia or in Florida, USA since she was born in Los Angeles. But the fee to be a pilot very costly. In Bali island, in Curug, Tangerang city about Rp 600 million equivalent to US$ 42.853 almost the same in Florida.

Her mom, a single parent can't afford such high cost. We are, her grandpa might be help if our property sold later if economic situation get better then recently, oil price down under $ 30,/barrel, China economic went down and The Fed, US Central Bank would rise the interest rate.

I encourage her to study first in University hopefully her dream to be a pilot may come true later even after she graduated from University. Hopefully.
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