Saturday, November 30, 2013


Rice field

If somebody ask me what do you wish most in your life for the next year  to come, 2014 ?. My answer is take two weeks holiday and visit my Village where I was born in North Sumatra province, Indonesia. To see green rice fields and take a bath in a cristal clear water, flow peacefully, where I used to in my childhood till basic school age.

Spend a night or two in the village where my extended relatives lived as the farmers or the rubber collectors for chit chat till midnight. Then visit my parent grave in the hill side of the main road, 23 kilometers out of Sibolga town, where I lived till teen age.

After pray beside the grave and say good bye, we proceed to Sibolga town where I was grow up in a very simple house and we kept that original as it was and sing the song for the sake of the old times.

Late in the afternoon, I will pedall my bike to the harbour, seated, wait for the saga red sunset with peanut fryed. I used to take my youngest sister and oldest nice in the back of my bike.

Then back home to the capital, Jakarta through a rock tunnel the only road on the way to Polonia airport, Medan city. Stop for a while to see spectacular panorama of Sibolga gulf 8 km away below.

 Good by my home town, I always missed you.
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