Monday, March 18, 2013


This is the famous Day of Silence, which is to ingeniously fool the evil spirits into thinking Bali is completely empty. When they say a “Day of Silence”, they are certainly not joking. This whole island, populated by over 3 million not a soul to be seen, or a voice to be heard.

If you are thinking of arriving or departing Bali on this day, or even taking a stroll by the beach, think again! The whole island switches off – quite literally. The airport is completely closed, no travel is allowed, whether by motorized means or using your own two feet, all household electricity is banned and any kind of noise is a big no-no. It is a day for introspection and reflection for Balinese families and the most traditional folk will even abstain from talking to each other for the whole day.

There are no shops or businesses open at all during Silence or Nyepi, the only exception being emergency medical services.Visiting tourists are not spared either. The only sign of life on the street is Pecalang (Nyepi police) who patrol local areas in search of locals trying to sneak out but will also politely but firmly escort curious tourists back to their hotel.

Silence day is a Bali Hinduism religios celebration that in 2013 is Tuesday March 12 where that day all citizen in Bali island and Balinese in another islands in the country. In that day for 24 hours all citizen in Bali island or Balinese prohibited to do 4 activities, not working, not set a fire, not going out of house and not entertaining. They spend the time to pray at home and in the temple or to read holy book.

As saw in the first foto, the  main road totally empty. Citizen not Hinduism honor the day also not going out of their house. Hotel guests stay at their Hotel just for a day. Interesting to know that Airline to and from Bali airport closed for a day.

Ogoh ogoh


This is the time for the first sighting of the fearsome Ogoh-Ogoh, evil monsters. Expect big eyes, faces and hands and enough fake blood to give young kids sleepless nights. These are carried through towns and villages in a traditional procession with deafening drummers, claxons, gamelan music – basically, the idea is to make as much noise in order to scare off all evil spirits. After dark these Ogoh  Ogoh burnt, followed by drinking, dancing and feasting, all with the aim of driving these evil spirits, far away, or at least driving them insane.
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