Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Jokowi - Ahok

After 100 days run as Jakarta Governor and Deputy Governor, Jakartan thumbs up, highly appreciate what they done so far to Metropolitan city. Their attitude, honesty, hardwork, egalitair welcome with warm smile wherever they visit every corner of the Capital city of Indonesia Republic.

The duo agree to split the jobs. Jokowi, the Governor take care of external affairs, visit on the spot where any problems occured, while Ahok, the Deputy handle internal matters, Human Resources,,administrative including Budget/Finance.

To improve services, early morning at 8 am, office hour begin, he visit Community Offices, Central Health clinics and find out that the Head of the Offices and personnel not yet available or the service not yet begin even after 8 am.

Governor in the campaign in uniform

Two main problems should pay special attention are heavy traffic and flood.

As soon as run the Office, duo take action, buy 120 Buses and promise to add another 1.000 units. These air condition, convenience Buses also improve the ticket system by card. By additional units and improve system, the white collars not hesitate any longer go to the office and leave the car at home, make the traffic lighter.

Bus way driver in woman day

Memperingati hari Kartini, pengemudi wanita bus Tranjakarta berpakaian adat daerah.


Proposed MRT

Beside Busway, MRT, Mass Rapid Transportation,
the old program who never been implemented, since many sides involved, this year 2013 will be executed, after renegotiation with Central Goverment about ticket rate, to a tarif who afford by the public and after hearing public opinion. So the Governor won't agree the project if the public say no.

The second problem is flood in rainy season. Jakarta was located in the gulf of Jakarta in the valley, 13 rivers flow through the capital before come down to the sea.

The flood at Thursday, December 22, 2012 by heavy rain locally and up steam plus damn break near down town, overflow to the main road in down town till to the President Palace. More than flood in 2007 ago.

Governor and his Deputy come down and hang out in the break site, asked help from the navy, army. Just in 24  hours the break back to normal again, the main road dry.

Flooding, Jakarta downtown, Dec 22, 2012

Deputy Governor running as fast as Governor as well. In high tension he reminded high level officials to improve their way of work. Once he upload a meeting in You tube, saw his temper, tread every one will be replaced if not want to working hard. The video click by over a million.

Beside, publicly they plan to recruit Head of Community Office (Lurah) and Sub regent head (Camat) as the replacement if the existing Head not perform well. This recruitment system had never ever done in the Country before.

So many drastic changes in 100 days run the office, the duo got big support from the public, not only introduce the new systems, new attitude among 5 Municipalities in the Capital city of Jakarta and be a good model for 33 Provinces across archipelago, Indonesia.

We hope for sure in 5 years period a lot more improvement to be done to make Jakarta convenience to lived and also nice to visit by foreigners.
Jokowi stated that he will not intend go for Indonesia President in 2014 election. Maybe in 2019, hopefully.
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