Tuesday, January 15, 2013


                        Chart of Youth & Sport Ministry

Basic principle of Management talking about 2 mayor things are authority and responsibility. What level of authority and who is responsible if problems happened in an organization.

The degree of authority differ based on the size of the responsibility. The bigger position the bigger size of authority. Section head for instance have a smaller authority than a manager. General manager has  more authority than a manager. And so on till to the Board members, Minister and President of a country.

Whatever the Organisation, one should never forget that the authority could be delegate to a lower level positions, but the responsibility is not tranferred, kept still in the hand of the boss who delegate. If something bad happened, the boss should take the responsibility. Cause he/she delegate the authority to someone not credible, untrust.

The similar also designed inaftingr a Planning function. The more high level of position the more time spend in drafting the Plan and less time to actuating/doing. The lower the position level is, the bigger doing things and less in Planning function.

Talking about Control function, should be automatically in the SOP, Standard Operation  Procedure.  If a manager take a decision over his/her authority, it should be punish accordingly, cause doing thing over his/her authority and beyond SOP.
Replaced as soon as possible if done by design.If you keep in the position, you take a risk for take the responsibility.

The authority given based on the evaluation of credibility and honesty of the person as long as working in the organization.

This topic written after one Minister in Indonesia under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono rezim, resign voluntarily since his Secretary, he rely on, cheating, steal his authority far above limit.Ultimately arressted behind the bar.

Minister acknowledged that he didn't do anything wrong, do not  understand that a very big project went through wrong procedures. The Secretary then arrested of stealing the authority. In the other hand Minister deny to take responsibility.

SOP said that procurement above certain amount should go and sign by the Minister. What wonder is the Minister keep quiet, the show must go on violating the SOP even done under his nose.

Now after resign as a Minister, he is in big trouble questioning by law authority to make clear, why this case happened.

The basic principle in Management theory is follow the SOP and make sure every leader take responsibility of every problem occur up to certain limit as put in their shoulder as written in the authority letter.


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