Thursday, May 31, 2012


After working hard in a hectic city, unfriendly talking, bad behavior, traffic jam along with crazy motor bikers, crowded market places, pollution, flooding and disorder environment. Now the time to hang out with lovely families outside of the city. The distance depend on the wallet or the budget allocated beforehand.

One among the favorite to go is "Puncak" area, hinterland of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia Republic, around 3 hours drive by private car or 3-4 hours by public Bus, air condition Bus to the East.

Puncak administered under West Java province. The 1st hour drive through toll road until Bogor town, the traffic flow run fast 100km per hour or more.  Exit from the toll road gate, the car run slow some time bumper to bumper especially on weekend, begin since Friday evening.

On Saturday police manage the flow by "shut open system" by stop the flow to the East and the the 2 lines road only for flow to the West. After a certain time, the flow reverse and give away to the East flow. After weekend time almost over, on Sunday afternoon, the time to go home to the Capital, to the West, the shut open set again.

One kilometer from the toll road gate exit, a lots of villas in both sides of the road along with restaurants. In Dutch era, the Villas end up in the top of the hill called "Puncak", mean Top hill. When the economic booming up until year 1998, developers compete to build the new villas in the real estate compound fenced apart from local people. At the that period, costumers also in line to apply for a loan to buy villa, which the price tend to drop down.

Actually best alternative of run away  places to go nearer from Jakarta is Bogor town area, just an hours drive or more from the capital to the East. Even not to far away from the beach of Jakarta, Bogor climate always cool, since the town located in the valley surrounding by the mountains. That way why Dutch Goverment build a palace in the one compound with wide Garden of forest and flower in the middle of the town.This town relatively big and lots of shopping malls, entertainment and the Hotels range from moderate to stars hotel.

                                        Ancol beach, Jakarta

The interesting to try is driving air condition commuter train from Jakarta to Bogor, a convenient train for tourists on weekend for an hour drive just for Rp. 7.000 or less than US$ 1 one way. Step down from the train and try drive a cart pull by the horse to the Hotel not to far away.

Once in May 29, 2012 I try drive air condition public Bus from central Bus in Puloadung, East Jakarta just for Rp. 11.500 equivalent of $ 1,5. The Bus was convenience, occupy by 40 passengers only for maximum 60. Off course most passengers are Bogor citizen with their local Sunda language, a soft spoken local dialect

                                        Cipanas Villa, West Java

By design I took another Bus to the next town Cianjur on my destination to Puncak where my Villa located, not far from Goverment Cipanas palace . The ticket just Rp. 10.000 for 45 minutes drive from Bogor by a smaller public air condition Bus.

On the way, I paid attention to several Buses pass away, gave me another ideas the destinations of the Buses as the good destinations to try for weekend run away, not too far away from the Capital Jakarta to the West such as Pelabuhan Ratu town, to the well known beach in the South of West Java. And many towns close by like Tasikmalaya and Garut towns in the Eastern part of West Java.

                                          Gate to Kebon Raya, Bogor

Spend the weekend run away not necessarily in luxurious mode, a stars Hotel or going by plane or by rent a car or going far away. Just try budget way, 1,- 2 hours drive distance, drive public transportation, talk to local people, taste their foods, hear the local traditional songs/music/dance, you would experiences new atmosphere a tale to tell.

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