Saturday, March 24, 2012


                           Street drummer and me
Eager to know about Outskirts of Jakarta where many workers lived and working in the Capital city of Jakarta metropolitan, we may see how middle and low bracket citizen lived and how the transport mode available they accustomed to.

In every municipality designated one central Bus station for outside Jakarta destinations to Central/East Java and Sumatra island. Jakarta, capital of Indonesia Republic, run 4 (four) Bus central stations for this purposes in East, West, South and North. Let me describe one station, I went outskirt from East station in Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta municipality, last Saturday March 16, 2012.

                                            Little singer over the Bus
The bus going to Merak, West Java, a Ferry harbor to Sumatra islands. Most seats were vacant but on the way 5 kilometers before enter the toll road, the seats almost full occupied. Passengers preferred wait in road side, not bother going to the central station, relatively far away.

for daily life

Since the bus entered the toll road a little girl begin her ritual by distributed 10 x 15 cm white paper asking donation for their daily needs, then she begin to sing several songs along with a grown girl with a music speaker. It seem to me they rely their life to this profession with poor music and songs.
When the Bus stopped aside to allow new passenger step up the Bus, two grown man step up inside the Bus also sing several songs with a guitar. The song quality and the rhythm quite good but their attitude too rough not get simpatico from the passenger.

The Bus is non smoking type and no one smoking off course. The passengers are the citizen in the bracket of medium to low level, so that is the common people of Indonesia life style, if you wish to know more about Indonesia. And be ready to experience of  a new adventure, inconvenience circumstances compare to your country.

We may go to west of Jakarta to cities close by just like Bogor, Cianjur or to the South sea spend night in a simple Hotel or guest house or to the cities in the West of Jakarta, where beaches and Hotels available with or without booked in advance. Well known nice beach in Anyer beach in the Southern of West Jakarta.

So try outskirt of Jakarta metropolitan enter a common people way of life, spend a night or two in a Hotel nearby their villages. Do not worry about your safety, villagers mostly happy to welcome foreign with their pure smile.

                                        Pulau Gadung, East station

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