Monday, November 7, 2011


In the Old testament we read how an Angel saw up suddenly to someone, Prophet or someone designated by God. Or our parent, teachers told the tales of an Angels. The image of the Angels just flying  in our mind and not real physically saw them in front of our face.

 What I want to share was my experiences when I spend a whole October 2011 on my Sumatra Journey over a bike  in 5 towns in 3 Provinces, start from Pekanbaru,Southern part of Sumatra, North Sumatra and West Sumatra provinces. Unexpectedly I met someone to help me, not known before, just saw up suddenly. From my inner faith, they are my Angels that God sent to help me when I need one.

One of my Moslem friend in Jakarta ever told me that someone help me when I need one,  since I spend my time and talent to help needy  people in my Congregation in my Church when I was an elder.

The first Angel saw up when I pedaled my bike for 5 kilometers and stopped in a gate to a Hill top known as "Salib Kasih", a mountain dedicated as a Prayers Hill. From the gate to 2 kilometer up hill pass a very high bend roads that impossible for me to pedal my bike. Suddenly, a coffee shop owner, Mr.Simanungkalit stopped someone on his motor bike and introduced to me and asked to take me with him until to the foot of the Mountain. From the foot hill, I was on my own to the top for 550 meters up

Without a words he took me to the foot hill and late in the morning he took me back down to the gate again, for free. After treated him a coffee and snack, I say good bye after realized that this man family was Situmeang too similar as my family's name. On my way to Samosir island, Lake Toba, 160 km, luckily I drove a brand new mini Bus where a driver advised me to take a short cut road to Ajibata harbor with my bike, where the Ferry boat cross the lake to the island. Previously, I had in mind to take another road around and be late too reach the harbor after the schedule time and a heavy pedal my bike along with a heavy back pack too.

On my way back to Ajibata harbor again 3 days later, over the boat a man I met and help to shoot me a picture, when pay the ticket on board, he pay for 3 persons, including mine. Not the very cheap rate for $ 1 or Rp.7.000 one way, but why on earth he pay my ticket, when I don't need one.

On my way back from Lake Toba to Tarutung 100 km away to the South, a young man seated beside me in a mini Bus, advised me not to stop in a lonely places and asked me to step down the Bus in down town Tarutung with him, to prevent the bad thing happened. After stepped down the Bus, then we both went to the rest room at a gas station, he kept an eye on my bike, with a lock in it. He said :"Someone could take your bike and put over the truck", he said waiting his turn to the rest room after me.

The last journey in Padang city, West Sumatra, early in the morning we reach Padang city after drove a Big Bus for 15 hours along the night. I was so scare when realized that a second Bus driver stirred after midnight,  his left hand never stop brushed his hair in order to stay awake. I was so scare if he sleepy driving, until stop in a shop to sipped a glass of hot coffee to stay alert and awake .Praise God, we reach Padang safe and sound early in the morning and then replaced by the first driver to enter the city , who fall sleep in the back seat some time after midnight.

When took all my belonging including my bike, suddenly a beca motor come to the Bus side and offer me to find a Hotel with a reasonable rate. No taxi available in the road near Bus station. The regulation said that no beca motor allow go through down town area. But we could passed down town and found a new Hotel with a very cheap rate, free one night for 3 days stay and not so far from the Bus to the Airport.

From my faith point of view the story in this journey, I  sure isn't  a coincidence someone give me a hand, but God sent someone when I need one after I spend of my time to help needy people in my services for 7 years as an elders in my Church and my help someone in need when they ask me to help them.

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