Sunday, October 30, 2011


Before going into detail itinerary, let me write down some peaceful  environment  of Lake Toba beside the amazing panorama, well known for so long in the world. Since this is my journey's report in the last October 2011, please allow me to post my own pictures along to saw how peaceful Lake Toba  indeed.

Since the location are 3 – 4 hours drive from Polonia airport of Medan, the area inhabited by so called temperamental Batak's clan, but as soon as you  walk down the boat, long travel, exhausted and negative images will  disappear. What I meant by walk down the boat is when you cruise down 45 minutes from Prapat harbor away  to Samosir island, the small island in the middle of Lake Toba.

Over the boat, wind freshen you up and your eyes would see green hills in both side, calm water  below surrounding by tourists, mixing local and foreigners seated side by side under the canopy or in the back white chairs under the sun. No one will disturb you except one or two local try to make a friend or just take a pictures with you for their albums.

Most of the Hotels resided at Lake side, where the boat easily drop you in front of the Hotel. On the way back, regularly hourly basis, just wait in front of the Hotel and wave your hand the boat will come over pick you up, leaving to Prapat harbor, just for less than US$ 1, exactly  7.000 Rupiah one way.

Do not worry about the vehicles to go around the island, you may rent a car helping by your travel agent or by Hotel nor you may ask local shop to find one for you in a standard rate. To go around short distance you may rent a bike or motor bike hourly or daily basis with a standard rate.

Just seated in front of your Hotel room or in the chair under colorful umbrella facing Lake and green mountain far away, you would  find full of rest and peaceful, no one disturb. You may drafted the songs or many poems, write a story, read a Novel or magazine in relax environment.

If you hunting for sun set or sun rise, here is a perfect place to watch and shoot right on time. Just ready your position before 6 to 6.30 am for sunrise or around 6 to 6.30 pm. Don’t miss this time. You never believed with only by pocket’s camera 8 mega pixel, you look like a professional fotogpraher  able to capture the amazing picture over the Lake with mountain background in perfect, natural color. 

Walking down the street in the village around the lake without a noisy cars, without crowded visitors you enter a simple restaurant with reasonable and very cheap price, from western point of view, even from local pocket, could afford to enjoy the meal. Try a little bit differ from your country kitchen.

How to get to Toba lake. Two ways to come, by a plane  from Jakarta, capital of Indonesia  to Medan around 3 hours or direct flight from your country to Changi, Singapore airport’ transit  before forward to Polonia airport of Medan for only 30 minutes. From Medan, capital of North Sumatra, you will drive to Prapat town, Lake Toba  for about  3 – 4 hours  or spend overnight in Medan city.

You may stay at Parapat Hotels or come in as early morning as possible, cross the lake to Samosir island, tour for a couple of hours see the dance performances, hear the guide what to say about the old, traditional cultures, museum and back late in the afternoon to Prapat or Medan without spend a night or two in the island, you will miss the peaceful environment, waves hit the rocks, wind, the food and surrounding. The story tell just about beautiful panorama that you would see everywhere, miss the peaceful life of Lake Toba

Details of itinerary will written down in another topic, here in or in
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