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God created human being with the different talents but still need to do practices regularly  to sharping the talent to make it more acceptable to the society, especially to the same community to get a real value of the talent.. Talent without  practice just like a mining under surface need to be exploited, manage to produce valuable things for the market. The talent may inherited from parents or grandparents or maybe automatic learning follow what heart and mind had to say.

Surprised to see a painting of my friend's account, interesting to know what the meaning of the painting, her answered surprised me that the painting belong to her daughter, SENANDUNG GITANDARU, who painted when she was 2,5 years old, now 4,5 years. The painting then I send to a senior painter friend, who said just one message :"Keep practice"

Today, Sunday 13, 2011 a friend in Haiku, poem communities posted a painted picture of a Dancer in abstract and asked the member of the communities to write down a Haiku based on the picture posted. I don't know why, then automatically my mind remembered a painting by a  small kindergarten lived in Jepara town at the North coast of Central Java, Indonesia. Then asked the mother a permission to write down this story in this Blog about her daughter and her paintings as well.

In her gallery at home, she look like a grown Lady with a lots of painting around where she seated still silent doesn't care of everything around, her tiny right hand fingers keep painting what she thinking about.. No one coming to disturb her concentration. In one sitting, mat spend 2 - 3 hours or more, she may sit alone in long time and will used a lots of white board papers in she will paint serials until produced several colorful paintings. For the time being the painting not far from her childish background.

Her mom generally buy prime color paints, then she will mixing the colors alone to find the best color as she think it right. In case she going along to the store with her parents, she will choose what color she like most.

In her ages, 2,5 - 4,5 years old, she should be play with her peers, but she preferred to play with the canvas, pens, tray and paint instead.She never asked foods or shirts if her mom going to the store or marke place. She kept asking books or magazines.

                             House in sea side

Beside, she painted also a kind of sketch and  in any opportunities her hand itching to draw something out of her mind.
Beside play with a solid colorful, she also paint just the black line for the sketch pictures, like pregnant kangaroo (left)

Senandung Gitandaru

Beloved Mom


When she saw something, her imagination fly far away somewhere or she will tell an adventure stories. This related to her hobbies of reading ancient stories or asking her mom to read or tell the ancient stories. This stories enrich her imagination when she sit down in painting moment.

She got the talent inherited from her Daddy, a man of automatic learning by feeling and from her grandparent from mom side. From the blood flown in her body,  it make sense if she dream to be an architecture and a painter too. 

If you had the opportunity to travel to Indonesia, take the opportunity to visit her gallery in North coast of Central Java. Make sure your itineraries included Ahmad Yani airport of Semarang city or Adisucipto airport of Yogjakarta city in  Central Java and spend a day or two visit Borobudur temple on your way to/from Bali or going home.
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