Friday, August 26, 2011


Once a year of going back to the villages few days before Idulfiry, - Moslem celebration after one month fasting -  were a tradition and ritual  in Indonesia. The central of Indonesia population resided in Java island, then people  flooding  from Sumatra, Borneo, Bali and other smaller islands as well toward a populated island, Java.

In the capital, Jakarta that traffic jam is common in working days, few days before and few days after Idulfitry  celebration, change just like a country side with rare cars passing by. We can drive till maximum speed in down town in 10 lines roads.

All kinds of vehicles used in this ritual, mostly were train, Bus, air plane and ship with full passengers, even excess capacity endanger the passengers. In the last 5 years, some corporates facilitated their workforces to going back together for free by renting Buses. This trend more accustom lately for big corporations.

Since all vehicles were overloaded, a lot of  couples preferred drive a motor bike take along 1 -2 kids, drive hundreds kilometer or more to Central or East Java. 

Along the way, almost all car manufacturers build a temporarily workshop 24 hours to recheck, fix cars, motor cars passing by. This service help a lots and encourage people to drive a long long way safe and sound going back to villages, mostly  in Java island.

Family gathering after 30 days fasting, then celebrate with parents and close families, begging for forgiveness, bow down to the laps of parents were culture and tradition. What professions they work in daily life, couldn't see it in this celebration. Every body using a new dress, a cap, jeans and all kinds of accessories that used in the big cities, used just specially for this special occasion. 

Foto below is President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono knelt down in the floor  bow down and shke her mothers hand followed by the first lady and their children. This ritual also shown by Soeharto when he run as a President.

                                             Indonesia President and mother 

Saving in a year then spend with loved ones  in this special occasion, then affected  village's economy, booming just in the season, money  flooding from the cities in to the villages along with people flooding going back to the villages.

                                            Begging for forgiveness

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