Monday, August 22, 2011


If we carry heavy burden, carry over weight things, more then normal standard, our feet would be walk more slowly,  exhausted and later will get the bad effect. Similar  happened to a car or a plane who carry over weight  cargo and or passengers. What would be the effect to the vehicles ?.

The similarity happened in real life that every body, every household carry their own burden, light or not, depend on how we manage, tackle, organized every things. Many kind of life's burden just like a kid trapped in narcotic addicted, husband's cheating, divorced, debt problem, law case and so on.

I used to take a back pack wherever I went on my regular biking or drive a car, filled in with so many things that supposedly will need on the way. I took my light notebook and its charger, camera, replace shirt, towel, books, novel, news paper, swimming kit, soap, sun glass, shampoo, and small things. Can imagine  how heavy it.

After parking my car or  bike, I have to take a walk to some places like mall, restaurants, beach and take heavy back pack along and on the way back then. But most of the time, its rare  to utilize those things above. So after some time, I decided to took out unnecessary things and only take the things that really needed, related to where I plan to go.

I was shocked when one Sunday service, a young lady priest, preach in the sermon in my church, her custom to took her backpack whenever she travel outside town in her services. Her private life lesson used as a background to the sermon.
She remind the congregation to let GOD take the burden for so long carry by every member. The sermon so impressed me and whenever I face a life's problems, I remember this sermon again,  took time for praying to surrender my problems, my burden and let HIM carry the burden for me.

One day, I wrote a short statement in my face book status about my custom of took back pack and take  Life's burden as well alone by myself. Many responds coming in, one of them from a friends far away at Central Java, my friend's daughter said : "Let me copy this and save it in my wallet", she said. Then she closed by saying :"Whenever the heavy problems reoccurred, I will take it out and reread it", she wrote.

The second comment coming from a friend in Central Borneo, a sister of my closed friend wrote :"Would you please write it down again in my Wall", she said and instantly I copy pasted in her wall. I knew her misery that she carry a heavy burden when her husband remarried, but he didn't want to let her go, didn't want  to divorced her.

From positive point of view, sometime our status, statement on our  Facebook account my help, may motivated our friends in positive purposes. So the internet is a tool, depend on everyone, to utilized it positively or negatively


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