Friday, August 19, 2011


How proud of a  girl, daughter of a tiny workshop's owner enjoy a dinner with the President  in State Palace at Capital of Indonesia Jakarta at Independence day, August 17, 2011 along with 70 senior high school students from all over the country along with high officials.

Mariati Uli Sitompul, a selected girl from all senior high school students of Jambi province, Southern part of Sumatra island, one among 70 students who assigned to hoist a National flag of Indonesia, red and  white colors at Independence day celebration, in front of Jakarta State Palace who attended by President and high officials, ambassadors and selected citizens.

Interesting to know that her father, Sudung Sitompul run a tiny workshop  flat tire fixing, resided in a side dusty road, working manually with a very low rate. This family belong to a low income bracket in the society.
And how proud of him that her daughter enjoy dinner gathering with high officials in the Palace.

To support her daughter, he come along way from Jambi, South Sumatra island to Jakarta by his own pocket, no allowances, no ticket  from the Government. For the cost reason, she preferred to stay in the family house while her daughter stay in a special dormitory with the group. He just got 5 minutes opportunity to met her daughter, Mariati, soon after hoist down the flag in the afternoon, August 17, 2011 in front of State Palace.

She still stay for few days in Jakarta to attend so many invitations, including from the Ministry and other institutions as well. Its common for the the group name PASKIBRAKA, a group of  hoist National flag specially in Independence day, they spend few days to pay their hard work after long daily training in military discipline by  the military instructors.
Long before D day, this group spend long time in selection process from district level, province level until National level.
Total members are 70, represent of adding 17 plus 8 plus 45 as Indonesia Republic independence day of  August 17, 1945
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