Monday, August 15, 2011


What we write in our face book account and exchange comments with friends might be noticed by others friends not direct  related, friends who read but keep silent. That is why before post any statement we should think twice and aware of that our though might be used positively or might give negative impact to our profile, might be others set a special stereotype of our self.

Lets us look around, just pay attention to people in every crowded places, a lots of them busy with their hand phone or laptop to read whatever show up in the monitor, especially related directly to them self. 

But when scroll the monitor down, in a splash seconds, we notice and read another friends writings as well. Recently in Indonesia especially, adding new friends are very easy, even Facebook administrator remind not add someone strangers,we didn't know. No wonder someone had thousand FB friends, that mostly never  knew before, and never met at all.
                                 Ayu Sukma Lestary

On my birthday' August 15,  hundreds of wishes flooding my account with general statement from friends, families I knew well and also from friends of friends hadn't any special relationship so far or beyond any of my communities. One of them  never knew, never met before, name Ayu Sukma Lestari ,  writing a very special one as my precious gift to me say :
  • I have a feeling that you have an angel heart, one in a million. I hope my  feeling be right. I read your account a lots of time and many friends respect you, even  never met.
  • I noticed Birthday wishes flooding your account, it means you are a kind man.
  • Even we never met, but I knew you from your FB account
Let me copy her real comments as its written in Indonesian letter

Hehhe.. Feeling sya pak, bapak org berhati malaikat.. Bener ga? Sya harap feeling sya benar... Saya suka baca postingan2 bpak, n banyak jg teman yg sangat respect pd bpk.. Dan juga begitu berlimpah ucapan selamat ulang tahun untuk bapak itu cukup menandakan bapak orang baik..Hihihi.. biarpun ga mengenal scara lgsung,tp kan sy sdh bs mengenal bpk dr isi facebook bpk.. Brati akan tetap “one in a million” sterusnya ya pak...(Terima kasih Ayu)

I was not an angel, not at all, just a human being, but I spend a long time, 7 years of my life dedicated as an elder in my church, involved in helping needy people and also using my talent in accounting and Information technology  to manage financial aspect of the Church.

Again, watch to what in your mind when writing into your FB acount, since it would be read worldwide and give a negative impact to your character. Write encourage sentences, motivate, comfort may honor you as a good, kind people, not necessarily as an angel.

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