Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is my new project, a new Book in process and looking forward for a new title, for a time being named it "Look Younger", instead of "Never Stop Growing" until any new ideas come forward, what should be a more marketable name. This is my first time book in English version.
The book consist of  4 (four)  chapters as follows :

I. G R O W T H

  1. Factory manager under 30
  2. The best Bankers student
  3. Loan US.$ 1 million paid off
  4. Look younger
  6. Sincere judges
  7. Care taker 7 times of Branch manager
  8. Bike era come back
  9. Board Director and Me
  10. A u d i t o r
This chapter look like a mini my Biography, all related to success stories of my professional Jobs in order to share my experiences to the readers, to motivated, to support to achieve a better performances that if we committed to any goal, we could make it.

    H A P P Y

    1. Memory of the first time
    2. Radio Los Angeles
    3. A l u s i  A u
    4. Gaya Nana Parlor
    5. Cheer up by a poem
    6. My bike
    7. Sajojo dance
    8. Company facilities
    9. Memorable air plane
    10. Room mate

    P A S S I O N
    1. I love my country
    2. Mon was a Hero
    3. Loving Neighbor
    4. Batakland beyond Tapanuli
    5. Tebu Ireng boarding school
    6. What is Ulos 
    7. Historical place to go
    8.  New attitude after fasting
     P A I N - S A D
    1. My house almost liquidated
    2. Shocked by a good news (Big day without Mom)
    3. Desperate widow and widower
    4. Memory of lovely husband
    5. Dad memories
    6. Mom how are you
    7. Lost and found
    8. Loving handicap

    All topics above had been written in my personal Blog and now in editing proses and waiting for readers suggestion especially a better title, a marketable one. Really I appreciated any suggestion and ideas. Hopefully at the end of this year my dream come true, publish the 3rd Book after Book 1 Biography BANKIR RAKYAT and Book 2 Poem Book Lari Dari Bayang PARIBAN
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