Friday, March 4, 2011



How happy was I
When your fingers cling to mine
When you settle over my shoulder
When you ask so many questions
When our home sweet home,
full of jokes and laughter
What can I say, thanks God

How proud was I
When you take an oath as a
When you jump to a higher ladder
When you talk in world language
When your voice sing God hyms 
What can I say, praise HIM

How I miss you
When you say good bye
Sail to North Pacific bay
When your vacation once in a while
When you visit just overnight
What can I say, God be with you

How lonely sometime
When hear our favorite hymn songs
When distant roofs do us apart
When your focus on your path
When dreaming of old memories flash
When love only whispered in prayer
When expecting old white phone ringings
What can I say, remember God verses


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