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Who know your health better than yourself ? Your doctor will going through our the thick file before say something. But for you, you knew it any time. How to monitor and aware of your condition ? Let me tell my way. 

I went to Lab checking regularly tree monthly basis. Soon got a test statement, then I create a special form myself of the test result numbers in chronological order. Compare 4 time Lab test in a row, for the last 1 year condition.

I paid special attention to numbers tend to higher or in a bad condition who needed a special treatment as well, buy a recommended as prescribed. The lower numbers means a better, improve, healthier condition may loose our attention for sometime. For the number in standard level, congratulate myself buy the foods had I avoid for so long.


By using our own statistic (figures or chart), we may avoid to consume any medicines, our body don't need any longer. Be aware that a lots of doctors always write a complete prescription that actually don't need some of them, especially for  the lower statistic numbers and in between standard range. Once I got prescription about stomach that I didn't inform the doc. Of course I forget it.

What should be taken to be test in the Lab?. I found it odd, from my point of view. The docs tend to sign a code in many kinds of tests. Its not wrong to doing comprehensive Lab check if we can afford it or if charged to company account. For me, selected only for certain kinds such as diabetic after fasting, cholesterol, triglyceride etc. If these kinds could be maintenance properly, the rest could be take later.And remember that Lab test is not cheap.

I write this topic when waiting my turn  to see Dr.Iskandar, a specialist in Mitra Keluarga Hospital, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Monday morning, February  28,1011. To my surprised its a long time not see him, 18 months already not seeing any doctor either. Its a long time my condition kept healthy. Thanks God.
What I had in mind is that he will write me a similar prescription again and again that I could memorized what kind of the medicines are.

Luckily, my blood pressure never been better under control in 120/80. Most of the time higher than that.What I was scare of is my heart beat, I had paid a special attention to monitor it. After a test using a EKG machine in doctor room, I find out, the condition under control in 58. He said the heart beat may slower as the impact of regular sports. I drive my bike and swimming regularly to keep my heart healthy.

One thing to remember is to keep everything in balance between healthy food, exercise regularly and medicine. The last thing is kept the emotion and stress under control as well. So we keep balancing between physically and mentally. Ultimately to kept good health is not so expensive.
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