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THE HAVES shares with  ORPHANS
Me, Rian Garyati, principal

Passion and caring to the needy one not only done by grown citizen. Teaching the value to young generation more effected to their soul when they are grown later on. Love one another in life will grow in our environment.

Teaching the young generation of passion to others and take them direct interact with them will affected their soul and mind in the long run. If they are growing up later, automatically would share their heart automatically to help without any command from outside.

This feeling and awareness will grow if the seed distributed when the children in early education from kindergarten, basic and high school. Not only in theory but also direct participation by share their daily expenses, have lunch together and any kinds activities, such as visit the orphanage, widows and other institutions.

Care for the needy one between the Haves who drive and pick up from school by a car, live the life in abundant home will interact with orphan children and make them understand the passion to the children without a parent around. What a very sad feeling Also have lunch together in one table, share the foods that orphan bare to taste in daily menu of orphanage house.

Its look like a very simple interact, but indirectly in the long run would affected their behavior, feeling and soul, would share to others in need automatically without any request from outside.

Early morning, February 25, 2010 The third commemoration of ESM, an English Speaking Moslem Kindergarten with 60 pupils celebrate Prophet Muhammad SAW birthday, invited orphans to their school in east Jakarta. Passion and love orphans is a part of Moslem religion teach to every level of society including young generation
After praying, continue with the various performance of the kindergarten such as singing and dancing. All teacher and kindergarten pupil included orphans sit down on the floor quietly and orderly.

Teachers, pupils in white costumes and a neat room make a peace environment without anyone parents attend the event. Let the children without parent influence enjoy the visit of orphan to let them know others being.

Madam Rian Garyati, the principal explain that she intend to influence her pupils, that belong to the Haves, who drive and pick up by car, to love other in need, in this event is orphans children

Ms. Rere, teacher

Rian Garyati, then assigned two girls, Chalandra and Nayla to read a poem “Berbagi Kasih” by Pinondang Situmeang, that asked me to drafting 10 days previously. To make it more clear what the message is in the poem, a teacher, Ms Tess read it again in slow motion and louder. Berbagi kasih means, to share a passion as written below.

I paid a special attention when she reading it and saw her body language make me sad too, since I know what she read about. She blink back the tears not to shed but acknowledged that the poem really sad and thanks me for writing                                Chalandra and Nayla

After the principal share an envelope to every orphan as a kind of care ness from the Kindergarten management and pupils as well as a part of their school curricula yearly basis. Then they close the event have lunch in the box together, sit two by two in a mini tables and chairs

                                           Pupils performance and orphans watching

Below is a full verses of my poem

Kubersoal ke langit biru
Mengapa aku tidur sendiri
Bantal dingin tanpa cinta
Ayah bunda entah kemana

Kuintip dari celah jendela
Paras Ayah tergambar di bulan purnama
Kerlipan bintang seperti senyum bunda
Membuat pipiku basah tak terasa

Terkadang tak hirau tergolek dimana
Di emperan di kolong jembatan
Panas terik atau tempias hujan
Dirumah famili atau bukan
Tak merasakan hangat nya cinta

Kini kutatap ke kanan dan ke kiri
Terbingkai hiasan senyum tulus
Terik panas tak melukai lagi
Angin malam tak menusuk pori pori
Ada rasa damai berbagi cinta

Jika usai pendidikan tinggi
Dan Allah memberi rezeki
Kan kurangkul penghuni panti
Mengisi hari hari berbagi kasih

Jkt 250211, TK.ESM
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