Thursday, November 18, 2010


RUN away to BORNEO

Spend along time in the winter
In the North Pacific ocean
Body may chilled to the toes
But broken heart never frozen
Your images always painted
Surrounding Asian races

I fly back South to Equator
Hiding under Borneo jungle forest
Full of beauty flowers and the beasts
To wipe away memories of her

Beyond the forest see a swimming pool
A lady under colorfull umbrella
Smile cheeky as her
Extended a hand introduced her name
Panjaitan from Parsoburan

I tap the water to wash my face
Jump to the pool bare chest
Its real not daydreaming
How on Earth met cheeky smile
A song out loud from a stereo sing
"Why we meet if separated at the end" *)

*) "Boasa ingkon pajumpang, hape ingkon marsirang"
      By Benny Panjaitan
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