Tuesday, October 12, 2010


                                          Me and Guruh Jatmiko S (priest)


In the last two years  my Church adopted, follow an old ritual when Yesus cleansing his diciples feet. He was as a Master, but came down and knelt to cleanse students feet in the last supper, since no one of 12 diciples had a humlbe heart to serve his own friends in the same level. Even more serving a lower level.

Above photo, Mr.Guruh, our priest cleansed my feet. I had surprised at that time, unconcious he come forward voluntarily, without anybody told him to do so. Later I talked to him :"I am so sorry not cleansing your feet", I said, since a lot of conggregation eager, hoping this young priest cleansing their feet. He answered :"Is Ok", he said with sincere smile.

Then my turn to knelt down in the floor, cleansing other member, Mr. Suparno got the turn to be cleansed. The ritual took place inside the church building at my church Gereja KristenI ndonesia Kwitang, central Jakarta. Behind the chairs, build a temporary pond of water and the cups from coconut fruit.

                                          Mr Suparno and me

This service held on Thursday (named White Thursday), a day before Great Friday,  easter 2010, to commemorate last supper before Yesus going to Gethsemany garden to be caught and crusfied to replaced our sin. He was never doing anything wrong, never sinned as long as He lived but tortured, suffered and crucified.

                                          Girls members

    Yesus crusified

By doing so we will remind our self to serve others human being regardless their background, level, origin, faith and different kind of backgrounds as what Yesus taught and gave us the good example to obey. When you drive your luxury cars, when dinner in a cozy place, wearing expensive shirts, remember to share to the needy, serve them.

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