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A true friend, beyond its background, is a  friend who always available in any situation, not only in happyness, success, but even more in difficult situation - in troubles, confusing, shievering, misery, lost, lonely - and need a shoulder to lean on to comfort, to console  to open up our  mind and saw us that out of the dark always has a light, hope, better atmosphere and better future.

Initially, I was browsing website of  Indonesia's poem  regularly, before stopped and  surprised to read well managed English version. It was very interesting to read and learn a high top rated poems and its poetry. But for us, Indonesian, especially for me, it was too high to understand every lines, especially a classic category.

That is why, when I found Katherine's poems,  I was so happy, because she wrote it in a very simple English, easily to understand, what behind in every word. Evenmore, I felt lucky when realized that her poems categorized in the top 500 list.

The 3 poems  below are among the list written by Katherine Sessor,  20 years girl, a senior high school student in Virginia, next to Washington DC.

Before I get her permission, I saw Face Book sign beside the poem's body and instantly send her a message to add me to her list's friends. Not too long, I got confirmation. For me it was surprised, the young girl, willing to add me from Jakarta, Indonesia, a country far away, she maybe couldn't  located whereabout.Really appreciated the young girl respected others she didn't know well.



Every darkness has a light
It shines so bright
If you just open your eyes
And forget all the lies

When you feel so alone
And you just want to go home
Just remember that someone is always there
If you need someone to care

If you fall
And think you lost it all
There is always someone to catching you
And in your heart you know  it's true

There is always someone there
To relieve all the misery you have
They'll help you through this
And made it all bliss

If you are lost and can't be found
Just open your eyes and look around
Even when you don't know what to do
There will always someone who will found you

When you're shievering with fears
And you have to shed a tear
Someone is always there for you to lean on
We'll make all troubles begone

When you want to die
To this world you want to say good bye
And use the knife
to end your life

Just remember before you do
Your friends will always be there for you
You haven't yet lost the fight
Because there is still light

All we ask for
Is don't close the door
We are still there
Because we have nothing to fear

Open your eyes
and realized
You have nothing left to bare
Cause we, your friends still there

Futurama character


A real friend would forgive
If I did something wrong
A real friend will lend a hand
Whenever I am not strong

A real friend would listen
If I tried to speak
A real friend will accept
Wether I am strong or weak

A real friend would care
If I ever fell ill
A real friend will know
How I really feel

A real friend will always be there
If I need them by my side
A real friend will remember me
Long after I have died

A real friend would be forever
If I even moved away
A real friend will never truly leave
In each other's hearts we shall always stay



You are my protectors
You're my saviors
You are my friends
You're my everything

You are there when I need you
When I don't want to know what to do
When I'm scared and alone
You always help me get back home

You always have a shoulder to cry om
When I'm surrounded by my fears
You make all my horror begone
And you always catch my tears

You'r  my heros
You're mu guardians
You're my family
You're my everything

You make my days feel worthwhile
When I feel down you make me smile
You always know when I'm ok
And you know what just to say

When someone harm me
You harm them
And make them see
How it feel to be grim

You're my night sky
You're my moon
You're my fortress
You're my everything

You're my past
You're my present
You're my future
You're my reality

You're everything I need
You're everything I want
You're my everything

The poems posted in chronogical order, when you are in the darkness, don't panick, think over and over again that out of the darkness has a light, a friend (1), a true friend who always be around in our troubles (2) and ultimately, at the end one of the friends will be your eveything, your soul mate (3).

Thanks so much for Katherine, a young high school girls, who love play games, TV, comics such as above characters, generally loved by a youngers, but full of wisdom through her poems to all of us, beyond generations.

Poem is not a main job for a writers, for Katherine , for me,  but with our small talent we may shares, bless others, our community, nation and the world. Below one of my posed when perform, invited by a church at North Jakarta in 31th Anniversary of the church, August 1, 2010

Just in a day after posting, so many positive comments or likes coming from  11of  my friends who agree of what is the meaning of a true friend. Since Katherine would like to thanks to each of them, she willing to understand what they said in Indonesia's language, let me translate it one by one.

Novitha Ly Panjaitan who lived far away in Borneo island, bordred with Malaysia wrote : "A true friend is who kept help while we are in troubles, forgiven, listening to our problems, cares for whatever our conditions are, never tired and available when we need help, always remember us.  I had done this to my true friend."

Lubs Nita reside in South Sumatera island wrote the similar with Novitha above:" A true friend is someone she knew my character well, accept my weakneses, she is the one I tell my secrets and problems, always strengthen me, wipe my tears, hoping the friendship bond forever like a mother and the kids. How beautiful to be a true friend"

Both of above ladies and me originally born in North Sumatera island, bordered to Singapore. Below a comment from a friend with a diffrent local language, in Savu island, a small island bordered to Australia, Nia Erni Miha Baho who wrote :" My dear brother, I agree completely to this poem, thanks to tagged it me.. Everybody want to have a true friend as described in the poem. Excellent"

Two girls originally coming from Central Java island and Borneo island with their specific language wrote that they love the poem. Widyastuty wrote it in English. While Sylvana Ariyani Hamaring Toemon acknowledged her own experiences by wrote :" Just yesterday I met an old friend, a true friend for a long period of time, since we using red and white uniform - a secondary school - where we support each other all the time"

The late respons coming from a lady, Lita Paulina leaved a special notes said in English :
"I have found my soulmate,
that person is my friend
and how lucky I am".
Look like a short poem or its really true, I have no idea, since Lita Paulina likes write poems and like make the jokes all the times. But whatever it is, the point is, it would be possible a true friend become a soulmate. I fully agree with that.
All friends knew English too but we accostumed to our National language. If Katherine comment in English is welcome. And the other friends just klicked a sign of I like it

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