Tuesday, September 14, 2010


In front of my office 2010

 All participants seat neatly with the best tie and blue black jackets - Bankers uniform - attending the closing ceremony of long courses - more than 4 months- SESPIBANK VII/1992, the highest courses in the Banking industry in Indonesia, the factory of Bankers, runed by Central Bank or Bank Indonesia. The Central Bank Governor will awarded the certificates to participants (from State, private and local development Banks).

Before the opening start, I went to the rest room and by accident met a senior instructor, patted my shoulder and said :" You are the best participants and will step forward to accept a special certificates "h he said without any explanation in details. I don't believed in what he just said and don't understand what kind of certificate it was.

After a short speech, MC called my name stepped forward with another one participants to get the certificates handed by Mr.Syahrir Sabirin, Bank Indonesia Governor. He was my class mate in economic, Gajah Mada University, Yogjakarta 1968.
No one noticed since the beginning, from day one that every instructor or someone assigned to keep notes, scores and evaluation of every lectures, discussions, visits we had made. So the result of the courses represented the real quality of every participants. Few years later, I was the one assigned especicially as an evaluator of the SESPIBANK courses.

Still fresh in my mind that some of the participants approached me said :" Please don't  raise  a difficult  question",they said in unison. They worrisome, if they couldn't responed well and embarashing. But no one aware that the instructors will took a negative records or low points. In no special reasons, in every opportunities I was  the one who always raised the questions, either in Indonesia or in Manila as well.

                                My certificate
Nevertheless, I never though of honor of such certificates, but by that moment  I felt a little bit dissappoint. How come I became the 2nd rank. Supposedly I was the best, the champion among 25 Bankers. I said this because Mr.Sutopo, Bank Mandiri main branch manager, should be unqualified, from championship criteria point of view. He didn't joined the class to Manila and didn't get any points either in the Philippines, since his wife fall sicked and hospitalized. 

                                 Participants @Manila
As I said, since this is not championship and we never knew of any competition in the class, I accepted it without complaining, as a 2nd rank. But my heart questioned still. I realized  it when the training was over, that I was the best one in every discussions in Manila  - in English  -  beside an instructor, a Bank BNI 1946 managing Director.

When the lunch time come, the Governor extended his hand to my managing Director, he pointed to me and said loudly :"He is my friend from Gajah Mada University" with smile. Then I saw his special mark,  his right hand had 6 (six)fingers, the thumb had a small finger. 

After the course, some of the participants  got a promotion became a Board members in their Bank or in  a sister companies.Some of the participants graduated in this course got a promotion or posted in strategic positions in State own Bank, private or local development Bank in Indonesia.

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