Thursday, July 1, 2010


Everybody like singing, even just singing around a family members under one roof, sometime just singing while taking a shower, in the bed room or just humming alone. Some women used to sing or hear a certain kind of music while carring a baby inside the womb. Generally speaking, singing is the manifestation of a happy circumtances effected by acceptance of life situation at any certain time.

Rihgt before every performace in front of big crowds, it's common for a singer to held the regular practizes or rehearshals for hours a day or in every week. If they ignore and taken for granted for a regular basis of practizing, no wonder they would loose the competition later or faced a down turn of the listeners.

The similar happened in a choir group, even harder than solo singer. The choir consist of a lots of members and clasified in 4 groups, solo and tenor for high octave tone, alto and bass for low octave tone. The groups orchestrated by an isntructor to harmonized the voices, tones of the the whole groups. They were graduated from a special courses, academy or university.

An instructor's ear relatively sensitive to a fake tone in one group or in a whole four groups. That is why, she/he will retrained group by group in order to achieve a compact tone. To achived a kind of harmonious tone, in the beginning, took a few minutes for breath exercices such as like sports exercises that starting by warming up. This kind of exercises covered in the parts of stomach, breath in and out, humming a low tone to the highest and vice versa from top hight to low down. In this way, the member could maintained the long line of song without any stopping in between the line.

To achieve a sweet and harmonious tone, every group should stay in their roles fenced by the voices tone not interrupted, influenced by other groups who sitted beside them. In some song,s any group, such as solo group catergorized as a leading voice and the other groups keep maintained as  a background voices produce a slower tones and vice versa. Some song bass group acting as a leading, dominant voices along with other group as a background.
From the listeners point of view the choir's song not enjoyed or rated by a louder or harder voices.In some part of the lines sing might be in a louder tone and in some parts in a slower one. All those level of voices  marked in the upper side of the numerical notes, including the sign, whenever the time back to the first line or sing back to the refrain.

It was a common behavior, that most of the choir members glued their eyes on the paper holding tight in the hands, didn't pay any attention what conductor to say in hands movement. That was why conductor remind  occasionally that in the very beginning of the song, in start up, everybody should face the hands  of a conductor to see a sign to  enterin the first sentences of the song.

Some other time, in the middle of the song, conductor sign a hurry up or slow down voices and especially at the end we will saw the right thump and a sweet finger, the sign of stop the singing, a stop dead, no more voices come out..

In some churches no applause allowed, no standing ovation to saw the respect of the good performance. But the singers didn't expected such as appreciation. Most of them feel satisfied to have the opportunity to shares, to participated in an event, more than that, most of them felt blessing come down  from the highest after they performed, spread the good news written in the songs.

The compact cooperation among group member to produce a sweet and harmonious song is a good example for any organization to keep focus in their own roles and not disturbed  to other  bussines and at the end will achive a peace enviroment and a best relationship of the societies.

I like sing and play guitar when I was young, but I ignored to practiced in regular basis, so never come up ibecome a good in the music. It seem it wasn't my talent anyway. But after joined the Church's choir for over 6 years, at least I learned the basic rules and I prefer to stay in a bass group of men. Recently our instructor is Miss Elly, a younger congregation teached the senior citizen, after she replaced Lisa and Mrs.Cecil Siregar.

Whatever your talent are, try to join the choir group, step by step you will be learned the rules and will achieve a harmonious tone of song by a good cooperation and relationship with other members. You will enjoy priase the Lord with your voices.
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