Thursday, May 13, 2010


Bethany, about one and half mile vicinity of Yerusalem, well known as home of Lazarus, Marta and Mary where Yesus led His disciples, before taken up to heaven. He lifted up his hand for blessing and promised will send the holy ghost as our helper - parakletos -. If the holy ghost  come down upon us, "we had the power"

What the meaning taken up to heaven ? Yes He came down from heaven, now He return there, since He was originally lived, stayed in heaven.
He came down to the world as a human being to feel, think like a human being and similar like a human being except He was not sinned. He warring with the world and finally he win the war after crucified in the cross, buried and in the third day, He rise from the death, deeper in the darkness.

He return to where he belong and crowned as a King. He reserved a special space and room for whoever believed and followed Him. Beside He will come down to the earth again as a fair judge. So be ready

Today, Thursday, May 13, 2010 we commemorate of His taken up to heaven after last April easter the risen from the death.

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