Saturday, May 15, 2010


Old or antique's car hobby kept their cars, aged more 20 - 30 years by maintained it regularly in all aspects, from the spare parts, oils, tires, machines and everything, in order to avoid the bad thing happen on the way. In any country had their own old/antique cars communities, to share their expereriences, enjoy  the beauty, art and craft, driving with a big smile and satisfaction.

Although from accounting point of view, car's ages 5 years old or more with 20% annual amortization, the book value decrease to Rp, 1 (one rupiah) only.  But from aestetic, hobbies, the value might be over a brand new one. Even older ages might be priced with a higher market value, more unique car, older age tend to more expensive price tag.  As long as the owner kept it maintained, based on the manual book, the car life maybe live longer.

Car's ages over 5 years with Rp. 1 book's value but its technical's aspect might be used 20 years or more .If the owner kept the maintenance regularly as manual book says and the usage covered relatively in a shorter disatance, didn't drive outside of town, the car standstill running as fast as the youngers.

Similar treatmen happened with a senior human being, who kept balance way of life, between foods, exercise regularly and the proper medicare, you might be expected live longer, happier or look younger.

Last Saturday, May 8, 2010, I drived my old Verna 2001, Korea sedan to attended the ceremony of house warming, enter a new house belong to my youngest son, Pahala at Cibubur country, Cikeas, out of Jakarta to the east. On the way drived home, when we entered Taman Mini toll gate to pay the toll tickets, the machine off suddenly. With full respect, I asked Mr.Naftali, the priest - who preached our family - seated next  in the passenger's seat : "Please pushed the car to the safe area", I said not to  blocked the other cars behind.

Unexpected, ten minutes later my daughter Peggy and Antonia, drived after us and God leaded them not prefered another tool's gate - 10 gates - and supported us in this critical situation in the middle of a busy toll gate area in early thrusday, holiday night, Christian holiday of Taken up to heaven.

Two toll road officers - without asking - hurryly came closer and took a can of water said : "The Radiator dried up Pak". I opened up the cap's car and they reminded : "Please wait for a while till the heat cooling down". Before opened up the carburator cap, they told their experiences :"This cases happened a lots of time in this toll's gate", they said and continued : " This happened because didn't paid any attention to check the water level of Radiator", they said.

After the heat cool down to certain temperatur, he opened up the small round cap and suddenly a heat gas came out from the empty Radiator - as axpected. The officers said :"Wait till the gas dissappeare before fill in the water down" and he told a cases :"A lady opened up the cap a second after stopped and the very hot water hit her face", the said.

Then I started the engine and the officer fill in the water slowly little by little and keep his body a distance from the car. My new knoledge when they adviced me :" Fill in the water while the engine is on". The white gas came out again to push the heat out gradually. By flaslight, we can see that the water came out from the radiator mixed with brown, rusty water, its mean that the water content should be replaced with the fresh one. But by doing it, the Radiator needed to be clean up, maintained propely in the workshop.

Friday early morning, I took the car to the nearest special workshop of Radiator. I had a new knowledge that the Radiator should clean up regularly once a year. It doesn't necessarily replaced by a new one would cost Rp. 3 - 4 million. If maintain it regularly we could save a lots of money, just pay Rp. 100.000 for the labor plus Rp. 10.000 for the Aqua water. Beside, it is better off if the Aqua mixed with a big plastic of blue cooler.

If any case needed a replacement, not necessarily replace one set, but replaced just the upper side costs about Rp. 500.000 - Rp. 750.000,-. And be wise not to followed what agent or what manual book said by replace a whole, one set a new one.

Actually the last two days before the accident, I had drived in sweated and hot while the Aircon was on. I though something wrong with the Aircon and I hadn't any though of something wrong with the Cooling system of the Radiator. As a technician told me :" Not necessarily refill the water if it was not any leak", he said. As far as I remember, I nevere refilled the Radiator and never rechecked.

Technically the technician done a manual way to cleaned it up the radiator by a very thin stick, aimed to a lots of small holes. They drowned the Radiator to a small pool with a rusty water while a running fresh water cleansing the holes. Spending about 2 hours, finished by heating up and ready to reinstalled smoothly by a skill and experience hand,

Soon after the maintenance done properly, the Aircon produced a normal cool air and I felt confidence to drive safe and sound.
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