Saturday, March 6, 2010


Since February 21, 2010 my church, Gereja Kristen Indonesia entering first round of Paska, advent day before He die on the cross. Since then, we encouraged the congregation to joint 40 (forty) days of FASTING.

This kinds of fasting was  not fasting as what general devinition of not eat or drink from dawn  to mahgrib in the evening. What we mean with this kind of Fasting are  beyond eat or drink,. Everyone feel free to decided any options, changing his/her life style, alcoholic, stop over shopping, over consumption, inproper attitude, talk rumors and  negative aspects of life.

It might be fasting for certain hours a day, less than 12 hours or decrease the amount of negative hobbies or stop at all, or stop addictive things that had been our habit for so long. Some people may save some amount of money and  in the end of the fasting, collecting in the church for certain purposes, mostly to support marginal citizen. Or you may prefered to help, encourage people who needed your favor.

And for me, I prefered fasting, inactive on my Face book account for 40 days, not posting, not respons anything. Except prompt posting come from my Blog that I wrote regularly, writing poems beside another topics. It is an automatic system, after posting  in my Blog, few minutes later would appear promptly in my Facebook account.

While fasting, every day, I try my best to find someone to help, to encourage, to give smile and others attention. What I had done so far, I will tell here one by one

First at February 22, 2010 early evening, I appointed as a speaker of my church's congregation - the only speaker - to express condolense to a widow, Mrs.Maria Bombong, in mourning of her only daughter just passed away and laid in Cikini hospital. We may imagine how her sorrow and pain missing her only daughter, she will  burdened it alone, while families, friends would leaved her alone.

After the service, everybody handed over a small box of snacks. I didn't touch and open the box, but thinking, who I will shares this food. Before driving home, I  stopped by, in the gas  station at Kelapagading. I asked an attendee politely :"Do you want a cake"?. I extend my hand with the box .He gave me a big smile and  said:"Yes, thank you pak". At the moment I felt something and glad too see his big smile. This is often happened ? I dont really know.

The same happened again. After farewell service at Tegal Alur church, West Jakarta, Sunday evening, I handed over a small box food to a street boy who lying down under the traffic light in front of Cempaka Mas mall.
Another case. In one sunday bright morning, February 28, 2010, I had the opportunities to cherry up a parking man at Kwitang area, central jakarta.  A cheese donut in the plastic on my right hand handed over to a grown boy, Chandra, a parking man, who usually take care of my car in parking lot. He took the cake with a very big smile and I feel happy as well. Then, I asked him :"Do you want to received my used shirts". He nodded and replied : "My I have T shirt?", he said.  "OK, please wait forI next week". I promised.

On sunday late afternoon at March 8, 2010, I can't find Chandra, but I handed over tee pieces T shirts in a plastic bag to Andy, a helper to give it to him. "Please give these T shits to him", I asked Andy and  make sure that he got it. He was a grown boy, look like not so normal.

    Ibu Any Gosana, Fafa, Maya

In the same day, after Sunday noon service at Kapuk Muara, North Jakarta, I felt obliged to help activists how to sing better with proper rythm and tune of Church songs. No body told me to do so, but I paid serious noticed that the song was the one of the very basic in Sunday service. Inspite of my shortage in  music area, but I know better then them, since I jointed 2 choirs groups for a couple of years..

In the same day, I got a good news from Elly Kurnia, senior organist tell me that someone  available to help play the organ at Kapuk Muara church that I long dream asking for. Eventually, a student, Stephany Teodora,  the daughter of Mr.Agus Mulono, our pastor ready to play organ if someone take her along.

The next day, I think hard, who will be the one to get my favor. On late sunny monday morning, I pedalled my bike to printer house at Jalan Balai Pustaka Rawamangun, East Jakarta from my home at North Jakarta - around 6 miles away - sweating.

To killl the hot climate, I opened a refrigerator and took one Coca Cola can for me and. I offer drink for the printer man :"What do you prefer to drink". He replied : "Please give me o bottle Ice tea", he said with smile. I felt ambarashed, that I had never buy him a drink, that he help me often in printing my documents and my Biography. A bottle ice tea just Rp.2.500 or a quater US$, but make him happy, his lips curved with smile. I am so glad too.
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