Wednesday, March 10, 2010


                                                   farewell speech
I kept my eyes not shed a tear when I sing solo in 2 languages "Meski Tak Layak Diriku" or Just as I am, as written in Kidung Jemaat No.27 in sunday late afternoon, March 7, 2010 in the middle of the service. I was standing in the altar of Tegal Alur church a long with organ playing by Mr.Joko Pitoyo. Today is my last time to serve the congregation, formally as an elder, after served around 3 years.
                                           fritzt reading my poem

After the service is over lead by Willy Apituley Siahaan, Mr.Fritz Yanto read my poem, as what my feeling so far, related to my service in this remote church. Mr.Fritz had performed it well in his special cap look like caffiyah of Yasser Arafat. He got my poem previous day and memorized it before he perform. So he knew well the meaning of my feeling.

After a short speech represent by the elder's coordinator, Evi Marianti and me as well, I extended a book, my Biography, including 2 pages of my services here in Tegal Alur post, a small church. When the congregation  going home, shake my hand one by one, a lots of them asking  with sincere to visit them any time.

Formally, I step down after a year service extention, especially helping Tegal Alur church that just  2 years become a regular post, improved from previous level. Honestly, I felt sad to leave them alone. But I had been doing my part, let other elders watering and by faith God will blessed and growth this small church.
                                                                                    tegal alur church

From my close relationship with local elders and members of Development body, BPPJ, especially Lusy Halim, Evi Marianty, Johny Chandra, Joko Pitoyo and Susanty Suteja, honestly they confessed  that they lack of experiences and knowledges. "Many ideas come down to us, but we are unable to do it by ourself", Lucy said. They kept asking me to help if any time problems occured. She call me "suhu" or teacher, once in her short message. I will not as an elder but personally as a member of congregation.

This is a volunteer assigment, so eventhough we spend a lot of time and energy - 6 hours on Sunday - , we wouldn't awarded a cozy certificate or a medal. In the contrary be ready to hear the  bad things, complainig things. I fully reserved and aware that what we did so far, not just for the sake of the members , but to serve Almighty God. He will blessed what we had done.

                                          over sunday service

Below I written down my feeling on the poem read by Mr.Fritz 


Jam berdentang dua
Menggoda untuk siesta
Tapi kubergegas bersama
mereka yang dahaga......
Akan berita suka cita

Hari ketujuh hari keluarga
Tapi ku telah berjanji
didepan Illahi....
Dan Jemaat jadi saksi
Rindu menabur benih kasih

Walau hati murni melayani
Tak berharap akan mendapat puji
Tak sedikit rasa benci
Agar ku surut menepi

Banyak hal tak kufahami
Membuat galau dan kesal hati
Mohon maaf tak terperi
Agar Tuhan memberkati

Langit sudah tak biru lagi
Namun aku tak berhenti berlari
Menabur benih benih kasih
Ada yang akan menyirami
Pasti....Dia memberkati

Musim penghujan pun berganti
Aku surut menepi
Tapi doaku tak kan pernah usai
Semoga Tegal Alur, maju mandiri.

solo sing
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