Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My B I K E

"I can't get over how you had not change for almost 2 decades", Mufid, a personnels of Bank BRI Kudus, central Java, amazed when I visited the branch, some time 20 year later in 2007.
No body knew, I fell in love in my bike, enjoyed the sports regularly, that's one reason why I kept look younger.

I started this sport by accident, when we got 2 bikes as a discount for bought 2 motorcycles for company operation purpose. After taht, then bought a very light, imported bike red color, photo above
Its a long time, almost a decade I spent the time jogging, biking and since 3 years later started to swimmed.
I didn't care what neighbours and friends had to say, I kept the car in the garage, took bike instead for a short distance ride..

Initially I went around our compound, Kelapa Gading Permai, North Jakarta. Sometime 5 - 10 bikers pedaled in group chasing each ahers in speedy. The weather so cold, sky was blue light, the sun start to shine smoothly in the east to heat up our body to sweat. The road near empty around an estate of high class citizens compound, huge two storey buidings, some under construction. We spend  one or more hours, udershit get wet sweating.

Few times I was succeded climbed up to fift floor of the parking lot of the Artha Gading Mall. The slope curve in 60 degree, pedaled in low gear, a very slow motion and heavy breath taking. It was impossible pedaled in such slope . But I can made it.

Some other time on Sunday we toured a long way around Jakarta. The street was  quite empty, we pedaled in speedy along with so many bikers. Starting from Kelapa Gading in the North to Monas, central Jakarta.
Took a break, gathered the group at Monas before heading to the South. Speedy drive through Sudirman - Thamrin, 8 lane roads.U turn in southest end at Senayan and returned to Monas garden again.
                                          Took a break in front of Hotel Indonesia

The journey continue to Gajahmada, down town and u turn, before Glodok stores, turned left, entered a smaller road , and stopped, entered a noodle shop. After break and breakfest, then on our way home through Cempaka Putih, central or along Sunter lake side, north. Total distance about 58 kilometers. It was feel good

I never forget, once our group of Kelapa Gading bikers went off road out side Jakarta. We climbed up Sentul hill, Bogor district, close to Sentul International circuit. 15 members joined this time, put the bike in two cars from Jakarta. After  car parked in Sentul circuit, we climbed the mountain up through the village road No other cars passing by. This time, the slope more than 45 degree till to the mountain top.

Deep down in my heart, do I believe make it ? I was eager to give everything a try. One by one drove the bike in a low gear and slow motion movement. The sun overhead burned our body to sweat. Reach to the hill top, I took my helm off and my head - almost a bald -  glistened  in prespiration. Everybody challenged to pedalled, except one senior stayed in the foothill.

After drank down a bottle mineral water, look as if I was going to faint. I pillowing my head on my arm layed over the green grass for a while. I felt so good, occasionally even surprised myself, I made it. Even this is my first try.

Facing down hill, it scares me to my toes. Maybe I can fall and break my neck on these scary slopes road. Sure we covered our head with helm and solid break, front and back. I would never forget this occasion in the rest of my life.

For remebrance I wrote a funny poem that a lots friend amused, named :"Kekasihku di Bukit Sentul"

Last year in 2008 I was spent a holiday in South California. On Saturday or Sunday I went to Fullerton trail regularly. The sun bright in winter, the sky blue but it was so cool for me. The flowers blossom in yellow and green. Passing a small lake, take a break in the railing.

A lot of people climbed up the trail. By surprised, they were mostly Asian The bikers greet each other and helpfull. I lied down my bike to shoot a scenaries. They though I was in trouble, offered me a hand. Two whites help me took my pictures

The white Cannondale bike belong to my son Monang. He bought in early 1990 when he lived in the University's dormitory. He needed the bike to go to classes or library in a very large compound.. The bike had a very soft shockbreaker. I love it.
He keep the bike for so long and he used it last time to Huttington beach (photo)

Lately in Jakarta, many bikers went to work biking.
Start earlier to avoid crowded cars and smokes
The air clean still and not inhaled bad smell of the smokes.

On Sunday, bikers rise early in the morning and went to Monas garden
Hundreds bikers gathered in this places.
They coming from all parts of Jakarta.
Then in group went to South until Senayan.
The road for public lanes in the middle line was closed
Used especially for sport. Biker took adventage of this special day.

Last sunday, October 25, 2009 Gramedia group held a special event in Carnival beach Ancol, Jakarta to promote using bikes in Ancol area. The sponsor lend 300 bikes for free in Ancol area only. Visitors may enjoy the view, beach, fishing, swimming, attraction, art galleries and many more. Photo of bike for free drive.

On monday sunny morning November 2, 2009 on the traffic light someone stopped just in my right side, extended his hand said :"Morning Om, where are you going,  while extened his hand., I said:
 "I am going to swim". He continue :"My name Irfan", he said corrected his helmet. Its good monday, a young handsome student greet me, a biker as him. I asking  :" Where are you going". His lips curve and said :"To Admajaya, Semanggi" and pedalled when light turn to green. He will biked far away to University in Semanggi area, South Jakarta from Kelapa Gading in the North. Wooow.

Recently, some institutions and local Goverments paid a serious attention to bike and took a good effects to the community. Last December 6, 2009 teacher's organization, PGRI in commemoration organization's anniversary  by rallying the bike a long Sudirman and Thamrin main road in Jakarta down town. Amazing, heavy trafficts by bikes . Teachers come down here to down town.

In the same time in Bandung city, Central Java, Kompas daily Jakarta and local Goverment join force to create a new bike gathering, back up by Vice Industrial minister, who buy bicycle soon after return to Jakarta and promise to organized his department joint this sport.

Jakarta local authority didn't left behind, they start planning to develpo a new line of bikes, starting in the South Jakarta municipality as a pilot project. If its succeded, will expanded to other part of the city.
The bike will be attracted other communiies to joint.
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