Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is an old story, long time a go in 1981 when I was assigned temporarily as General affairs manager in BRI Regional office in Kupang, East Nusatenggara province. This province consists of many islands and the transportation is one of the obstacles in development and business.

                            Mr. Ben Mboy presented a Sasando to Mr. Martono & wife

In early 1980 bussiness in the remote islands lack of small changes in cash transaction, especially coin nickels. So it is Central Bank or Bank Indonesia duty to support the bussiness. Then Bank Indonesia assigned BRI Regional office to do the job done. Finally it went down to my shoulder to distributed that coins to another BRI Branches in another islands.

For this purpose, I rent a small plane from Merpati air, 14 seats, to fly to Maumere town in Flores island. We fly full loaded in coins nickel changes, without any passangers. As soon as landing, I signed the paper and hand it over to Mr.Purba, BRI Branch manager, my class mate in 1962 in Economic, Gajah Mada University, Yogjakarta before took off again back to Kupang instantly.

                                       Photo: Me, Surendro, Purba at Kupang

The transport costs relatively expensive, but it doesn't matter for supporting business transactions in remote areas in East Nusatenggara region. And don't bother it, all become Bank Indonesia burden as their obligations and functions to supply all kind of currencies to the citizen of the region.

                          Ben Mboy and Dr.Nafsiah Mboy in corn harvest at Betun, Atambua

Second trip was air rental a very small plane, when dedicated a new BRI Building at Kalabahi towns in Alor island, a small island in the east side of Flores island. We took off from El Tari, Kupang airport just 4 passangers, Mr.Mben Boy, Governor and wife, Mr.Martono, Regional BRI manager and me.

Soon after dedication was over in the afternoon, we fly back, some like a birds pushed up and down, turn left and right by the wind blowing and be ready for the worst. I kept my stomach breathless when the plan suddenly went down or took turn. Sometime I keep my eyes closed not looking to the blue sea far down below with imagination what will happened if we fell down to the sea.

When I worked at Atambua, border to East Timor Leste Republic, we ever fly from airstrip  at Atambua to Kupang by Merpati air, 14 seats. This time not by chartered flight, but by a regular one with  just 4 passangers, my superior, Mr.Trimulyo, my wife, my youngest son Pahala and me.

We fly above by the sea shore in a mild wind but keep me fighting my imagination if something bad happened, since I leaved my children at home. On the way we stopped over in Oekussi district, an enclave, belong to east Timor country, in the north sea of Timor to picked up the new passangers. I keep praying to ask God to saved us. We landing at El tari airport, Kupang safe and sound.

All of above journeys were BRI function to prepare all facilities in districts area including Building, personnels. office supplies and this air chartered to supported its services to the communities..
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