Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Bogor palace, West Java
Proyek Jalan Tol Mangkrak, Presiden Jokowi : Kita Ambil Alih
President Jokowi inspect toll road development

Live the life simple of President Joko widodo and family made him more loved and honored by Indonesian and become a model for high officials in the country. He has no home in the capital city, Jakarta but in his home town, Solo, Central Java. He preferred lived in Government palace in Jakarta and Bogor, outskirt of Jakarta.

His official shirts are simple loose white shirt out of black pant without tie or wear Batik, traditional shirt. Never wear well known high class, foreign products. Many minister copied his way of simple white shirt. But if other ministers and high officials wear tie doesn't matter. 

If he travel for personal or family reason he preferred fly in economic class along with regular passengers. Mostly going to his home town in Solo city, Central Java. Once he went to Singapore attending his son graduation, he fly in Economic class. Singapore Government car pick him up in the airport.

Yesterday was his 55th birthday. No special occasion to celebrate it but he visited, recheck many toll projects in West Java whole day. In early evening he attended Moslem event but not a wolds he speak up about his birthday, even the host say happy birthday and prayers. Any reporters try to respect him and say happy birthday, he didn't respond at all. Last year birthday he also went to Batam island and no celebration.

According to his son, they are not accustomed  to celebrate birthday in the family indicate of live in simple life. And become a role model for the country to come.
Some Government high officials used to celebrate wedding of the children in 5 stars hotel and luxury perform.

Even so, in social media, Twitter and Facebook, Jokowi birthday became trending topic, how Indonesian love him. So far in 1 and half year he kept lived simple life without involving in corruption or scandals.


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