Tuesday, June 16, 2015


For my readers especially in the West countries or beyond Moslem countries curious to know a general understanding about Fasting months especially in my country, Indonesia. This year 2015 fasting begin in the end of June, exactly, Thursday 28 and ended a whole month celebrate the victoryin the day of Idul Fitry (read: Eedul feetree).  I try to explain a glance from my point of view, as a non Moslem writer in this Moslem country.

 Street foods vendor

Fasting month is a Holy month in a year and every body should pay honor and respect it accordingly including non Moslem citizen especially about eating, drinking, smoking and every behavior related to the fasting. Restaurants, cafes, street food vendors should cover up part of the windows to prevent public not to see someone have a meal or drink or not to tempt public to break their fasting.

Food courts

But restaurants, food courts in the Shopping Mal, Hotels are  allowed open publicly. Visitors from abroad not to worry about foods and drinks if visit Indonesia in the fasting month. Of course we pay respect not to smoke in the public areas. But who love Padang foods recipe of West Sumatra should hold on not to taste this delicious foods since all Padang restaurants closed in fasting month.

Fasting not solely prohibited to the mouths but also for passion or touching different sex including soul mate during the daylight. If you want to shake hands is common practice as usual or just touching the tips of the fingers.
After the break in the evening until break early morning, spouse may interact as normal wife and husband.

Break fast together

It quite common in the evening you get invitation to break the fast together in your communities or your company, just go ahead have dinner as usual. No religious ritual in the event except some friends wear Moslem shirts or hats or a short speech.
In the company owned by a non Moslem boss, fasting also respectful due to many of the executives or workers are Moslem and fasting.

Qurän recital

When the break fast in the evening it's about office hour closed, the streets not so crowded since many of the workers have a snack or dinner or just drink something before dinner with the family at home. After the dinner, most people, men, women, girls, boys go to Mosques for Quran recital wear special sarong, shirt, hat or jilbab for women. In rural areas the ritual atmosphere so quite and holy.

All schools take a month holiday including the schools run by non Moslem institutions since many of the teachers are Moslem. So the street a little bit light then the normal days.

Visiting Indonesia in the fasting month wouldn't get any problem but please pay special respect to the environment not to show off in the public areas especially about eating, drinking and smoking. Welcome.

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