Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hand woven lovers who looking for special, colorful knitted in Indonesia, please go to the East, 2 hours fly from Ngurah Rai airport of Bali island, in the North of Australia. The area named East Nusa Tenggara, an archipelago province, Kupang city is the Capital in Timor island, bordered to the new country Timor Leste in the East part of the island.
You may surprised to find out that this area produced 126 designs that every clan has their own design or motifs based on their cultures and history


Let me begin saw the woven from Flores island. the first picture above is an Jakarta's artist Olga Lydia fly from Denpasar Bali island to the East, to Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo town. Olga came down directly  to Flores island, saw the woven and bargain, back home satisfy with so many option and prices vary.

The last picture is special hand woven made produced by Ngada regency women, in the Central of Flores  island, after you see 2 (two) interesting places. One is Bena traditional village kept maintenance from old stone age. Second is garden with red roses underwater and genuine beaches in 17 uninhabited islands at Riung. The last is a traditional boxing performance after harvest time is over.

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