Friday, October 18, 2013


Acupunture is a kind of medication origin coming from China and nowadays known in the World at least in Asia including in Indonesia.
In the capital city, Jakarta some Hospitals Acupunture is allowed, including in the service and resposibility under Hospital management served by the Med doc with additional practical in China.

For Stroke attack patients adviced to get acupuntured by inserted some small needles to the part of weak body from head, ears, neck, lips, tongue, hand, feet, stomach and other parts. Acupuncture function will activated or stimulated weak or sleep nerves just like electricezed.

The medication is external treatment to help internal treatment done by Internist, Neuro and other specialist Docters with medication consumption.

Stroke attack
Thjin Kon Po, 66 yoa, a Shinshe said :"If 70% of our nerve fully active, he will be Superman". He practiced since 17 yoa, for almost 50 years in an Social Institution in Jakarta downtown "Yayasan Akupuntur Umum" with low rate for Rp 50.000 or  $ 50 for a visit. Most of the patients are Stroke attack coming over whell chairs or walking with sticks.

A lots of Clinics available in 5 part of the capital city and the one in downtown is relatively big, 2 storey building served by 17 Shinshe, acupuncture specialist. Every patient will treated about half an hour by inserted 10 small needles. In the weak hand and leg electrized with low voltage to activated thoese parts of the body.

If the Docter or Shinshe think the acupuncture treatment had been fully enough, they will say to stop since the body is overcharged or take sometime for rest. If the patient feel weak later, they come to acupunture again.

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