Thursday, December 6, 2012


                      Pino, the writer

Every body wish the best welfare after retired period, after spend a long years working to the best of the organization. In the other hand, organization or company saved some funds monthly basis and then as the sources of income after retired come until the end of time.

When we are still young, just entered a company, some under 30 years old, some under 40, we didn't aware what kinds of welfare we will get when we are in senior age.

For a big corporate with modern human resources system, this is not a problem, significant amount of income and facilities well prepared before retired time come. But we have the right to know the amount and what kinds of facilities available.

For a small company or a big corporate with huge labor forces across the country, afford only a small allocation of funds for each employee in retired time, and every one should aware and understand well what is their right.

After realized what value and facilities in the future, every employee should try to find finance companies to arrange some funds when retired time come. Be careful to choose to finance your welfare.

For developing countries such as Indonesia, the retired system far from adequate. After retired, they still working to support the family, since the monthly pay check relatively small. `
In the other hand more senior we are, more fragile our health condition and big parts of our income goes to health costs from relatively small income.

Some seniors depend their welfare to their children, make their children families welfare deteriorated. Or the seniors life tend to suffer enter retired time until they die in misery.

Compare to West countries where retired time is what they dreaming of, had sufficient income to lived with, time to travel around the world. Beside pension funds from the company, Government also provided free or relatively low health costs for elders

That is why while we are young find out how much your income and what facilities you would get in retired time. Then arrange some funds to save for health insurance or pension funds offered by special finance companies

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