Friday, May 11, 2012


                                        Bank BRI Building, Jakarta, Indonesia
Keep maintenance of your old networks or build the new  one will guarantee the success to run the business because between the networks have interrelated to other networks, just like web interrelated to every direction. Every member has their own capabilities and if collaborated and organized well, surely will created a wide sources.

"We are in the same floor", said Wulandari, Deputy GM Bank BRI Jakarta Friday morning. 15 years ago she was a new staff in Retail Banking Department, who located in 10th floor too next door to my Dept, Business Unit Dept.
This time I came to meet her team as a guest with my partner, Adi Gerimu who offer them cooperation in getting new costumers.

When the meeting begin, I didn't knew her at all after my retirement 15 years ago. In order to meet her, I asked an old friend of mine, just retired from Bank BRI, Mr.Yoze Rizal, recently worked in Cooperative body. He arranged our schedule easily, compare if we didn't know one in the Department 

After the meeting with Wulandari is over and meeting after meeting seated in Starbuck in the same building with Mr.Adi, I called a Bank BRI branch manager far away in the East part of Indonesia. I didn't know him, but as I told that I was Bank BRI retirement from the area, with politely he promised to help me to find out a Travel agent in his area to cooperated with my group

One semester before, in December 2011 the same happened, I met my old network, Bank BCA Director, Mr.Suwignyo, my old collague in Bank BRI when we were in the same level as Deputy General Manager. He was managed Branch Office IT system and myself managed IT system in BRI Unit Sub Branches.

I discussed with Adi for some time in the coffee shop and I realized that Adi too made a lots of meeting with the new Networks in a week, at least 5 new friends, who inter related with other friends too, to be a new Networks as well.

Keep the old networks like the friends in your professions, communities, families member, school mates, spot club and many organization belong to you

What I want to pint point here is that keep maintenance well with the old networks and  never stop to expand the new one, while keep your reputable name is a vital tools in developing your business and run successfully
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