Monday, January 9, 2012


Comfort zone is a behavior state within a person limited in a steady level of performance usually without or minimum sense of risk. The condition that someone had achieved some point or level to make it comfortable to the individual and family as well and the position that not every person in the peer, in the selected community could seated. The tendency is to hold those zone as long as it can be before at the end of the time allowed.

But to some highly successful person may step out of the comfort zone, step out the boundaries to accomplish what they wish, dream for so long in his/her life. One step outside the boundaries, the person must experiment with the new and different behaviors then experience new and difference responses that may occur within their environment.
                                     Eddy Lenggu

Step out the comfort zone the person try maximize  its capability and skills, to the next level of performance along with the raise of stress response in the new environment. Before achieved the maximum performance the person never stop to saw his/her management skill and never satisfied if his/her capability still idle.
I admired one gentleman, ex Vice President of CSR Garuda Indonesia, National carrier with his abundance experiences dealing with business around the world, Mr.Eddy Lenggu. He decided to retired early, leaving high salaries and a lots of facilities from the company. He had a big dream, highest than President Director chair of Garuda, wish to develop his home town, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province. Dream to elevate welfare of its citizen who left behind compare to the rest of the  provinces in the country, Indonesia.

Before step out from the box, the comfort zone, he run many companies outside Garuda airline company and initiated a new Committee  named "Visit NTT 2013". He recruited persons who loved NTT province, off course most of the members are NTT origin. A few members are mix couple, wife or husband is NTT citizen. Only me (writer), Pinondang Situmeang, not NTT citizen but love NTT so deep, over 5 years dedicated my life working to serve people in NTT..

                      Pinondang Situmeang

Out of the boxes, he saw that NTT left behind because of  lack of source of income, out of the inland production. He knew from his NTT blood and soul that "SEA" has enormous sources of income, potentially in fishes and related with sea products and tourism business, based on his long life in tourism world. He realized that so many spots of tourism exclusively in NTT and become "The Wonders in the World". Komodo reptiles just one out of dozen scatters in NTT archipelago.

The similar happened in my life who dare to take any risk to achieved my dream.. I experienced at least twice out of "the comfort zone". First, when I was very young, 29 years decided to leaved the top position as a Factory manager in Parapat town, North Sumatra, with free facilities, housing, car, meals along with high salaries. I though, take a long way to seated in a Director chair or be a share holder in this family company. Leaving to the capital, Jakarta, and start to be a reporter of ruling party, Golongan Karya  for just few months before enter a State own Bank, Bank BRI.

Second, working in a cozy room for 8 years in Sudirman business district Jakarta with tie all the time, car, housing and a lot of facilities and felt stop dead in the same position as Deputy General Manager due to office politic. My dream is to run my own company, so I could afford 3 (tree) of my kids study abroad.
In relatively young,  48 years, before retired, I set up my own company and got a big size loan from a Japan Leasing company.

Since run the business needed a full responsibility, then in 48 year, I decided to retired early and run a company in rental Port handling equipments. Replace long sleeves and tie with jean and T shirt. To run own business we work extra hard, face problems. Its not easy, but we learn a lot in the process, we take responsibility of workers and their families, paid taxes and the operation cost.
From cool air conditioning with tie from 8 - 5, change to jeans and T shirt in the port under the sun, responsible to run and monitoring of  equipments operation 24 hours. But my dream come true and could afford the kids tuition fees and drive German automobiles that not allowed when a State bank personnel.

High energetic and successful people who dare to walk Out of the comfort zone, needed a  brave heart and tough soul to face a new risk, new challenges, stress and new environment. But after sometime, the obstacles solved and then enter a new higher achievement than the first zone. Are you ready to walk out ?

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