Tuesday, September 1, 2015


How blessed the people who lived in eastern part of Indonesia, especially in East Nusatenggara or Nusa Tenggara Timur ( N.T.T) province who created so many Wonder tourist destinations.  No any countries in the World as this archipelago. If Government mange it wisely, they are not left behind compare to other 32 provinces in this country.

Even this wonder spots not yet well known around the world like Bali, but the tourists coming in, mostly came from abroad then local visitors. They wrote their adventures journey and new findings in their website, then Indonesian read their experiences.

The location scattered in the archipelago in the East of Bali islands.

Map of  Nusa Tenggara (Bali, West and East Nusa Tenggara)
Let us see the map where is NTT province located. Its in the east of Bali islands or in the east of West Nusa Tenggara.

After known where the exact location of NTT  islands are and approximate distance, now let me begin the Wonder spots start from very West. Komodo island. You knew it already Komodo reptiles, the 7th Wonder of the World, who only lived in Komodo island, just voted lately. This islands just in the west of the yellow island, Flores and administrated under West Flores regent, capital in Labuan Bajo. Flores Island.


Komodo reptileIn this island not only see the Komodo reptiles make us wonder but we will astonished also with the beach with a special color, they named it Pink beach. Its a best place for snorkeling.Did you ever saw Pink beach in the World ?Pink beach
Pink beah

From Komodo island we move to the East, enter Flores island, we will see the 3 colors lake named Kelimutu. The color always change from time to time. We never saw or heard where is in the World  we may find multicolor lake as in here, in Ende regent. You may fly from Ngurah Rai airport of Bali, then drive 50 kilometer away.

Whale hunters
In the eat of Flores island we travel one hour or more by a Ferry to Lembata island and reach a special Village "Lamalera" that inherited the skill of whales hunter since year 1600. To hunt they used traditional  harpoon and hand made boat. They selected the old whales only and killed about 4 whales a years for one Village people consumption not for business purpose.

They depend their families life from the sea then from the land instead,  since the climate not supported the agricultures sector.
Kelimutu, 3 colors Lake

Whale huntersFrom Lamalera, Lembata island lets move eastward to the next Regency, Alor. In this island and surrounding a lots of spots for diving. Sea around Alor island were The World class Sea garden,  where we find sea biota and multi colors fishes under the crystal sea.   If Bunaken sea in North Celebes and Raja Ampat, Papua island  are well known as the best spots, Alor offer even more.

To reach the spots, we may fly from Ngurah rai, Bali air port to El tari, Kupang before proceeded to Mali, airport of Alor island. Or we may chartered boat either from Bali or Kupang, Timor island.
With a special structure and slow flow under the sea, these spots were the 2nd Top in The World after Caribbean archipelago.

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