Sunday, April 3, 2011


In globalisation era having Credit card isn't a luxurious life style any more, but is a need. Going out every day avoid to take along a bundle of  cash bills. 
Modern living tend to more cashless society when buying or apply for some services we have to saw or tell our Credit card number or you may turn down to serve.
Everyday we get so many offers to become a Credit card member and with free membership fee to enable us to buy goods or services with a very low monthly  installments without awareness of a very high interest rate. Even more we tend to pay a minimum installment , keep the balance stay high and we have obliged to charged with high interest rate.

To avoid such behavior, to avoid pay high interest burden, try your best to pay as much as you can or paid it off, so the interest pay far less. With this way, we take advantage to use Credit card and the Bank to help our need not the other way around.

Especially for women, they tend  tempted to show off in their peer or social community. But soon after get a pay check, most part of the income goes to pay Credit card. Consequently, a spouse come up to hot argue of spending beyond needs.
In west culture, weekend from Friday to Sunday evening it was culture hang out with family or friends, have dinner at the restaurants and all pay by slash a Credit Card. Not only whites citizen but also Asian or African American who used to cook their meal at home. Recently, they influenced by environment to hang out and dinner out side and then charged to their Cards.
I read once long time ago in Readers Digest magazine, that Korean or Bangladesh American usually take advantage and used the Card for business transactions only and in a very short time paid it off immediately to zero balance without paying any interest. This two groups run a lots of small business across America and using simple cars as well, they are really a smart people.

Recently, many young executives apply for too many cards and assume that would increase their social status in their community. Remember that when we hold so many cards, we would tempted to use it beyond our needs or at least  we have to pay a minimum year membership's fee.
Another issues lately that make life inconvenience is the telephone or mobile phone ringing all the time if we pay late or a Bank hire a Collector company to run after us whenever we didn't pay on time. Sometime the Bank talk to whoever answer the phone, they never take to account if the receiver have nothing to do with the card business. The collector mean to embarrass the card holder and to pay the card immediately

So be wise using Credit Card. . .
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