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                                                                Maya Hasan

For the first time Indonesia honored by the opportunity perform in WEF, World Economic Forum in Davos Swedia in the last week of January 2011.
Indonesia will perform “Co Co night”, Collaboration and  Cooperation of all nations. Maya Hasan, daughter of ex Indonesia minister in Soekarno era, H.Mohamad Hasan, for the 1st time ever perform on behalf of Indonesian agency.

In this event, Maya, well-known as a harp player, will plays her composition “Rose of the east” along with Sasando, Timor string instrument with Saluang, Minang pipe instrument, meet east and west of Indonesia.
                            SASANDO INSTRUMENT (ABOVE), SALUANG PIPE (BELOW)

This is a rare opportunity to saw the world that west instrument of harp to be Indonesian harp in Maya hand.
Maya eager to  saw that Indonesian recently created a fusion from traditional root and modern era.

She remembered of what her father said :”This is your country, do something even a small things, it will never be useless” , she said copied what her father said.
                                                                Maya Hasan

In her latest Indonesian Mega Show Megalitikum Kuantum both in Jakarta and Bali , Maya Hasan can boast of two new accomplishments; engaging with "sampeq" , a traditional three-strings guitar-like instrument from Kalimantan ( Borneo ), and turning her harp to the Slendro musical scale for collaboration with the gamelan performance during the last number of the show.

Unlike the most world harpists who insist that the harp must be played using certain techniques and in certain musical performances, Maya Hasan decided to buck the trend. It was after meeting harpist Carrol McLaughlin of the University of Arizona , that she discovered her individual harp style.

Born in Hong Kong on 10 January 1972 , she had initially learned the harp from Heidy Awuy in Jakarta after completing Junior High School. Later, her musical studies took her to the University of Willamette , Salem , Oregon in the United States (1990-1993) under the training of Laura Zaerr, in which she majored in harp performances. There, she appeared in the Salem Chamber Orchestra of Oregon, Oregon Ballet Teathre also featured in a local radio, tv channel, and The Senate of Oregon.

Since returning to Indonesia in 1993, Maya has been frequently invited to appear with the Nusantara Chamber Orchestra, Twilite Orchestra, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Surabaya Symphony Orchestra, Erwin Gutawa Orchestra and is a member of The World Harp Ensemble representing Indonesia along with four harpist from Canada , Japan , Puerto Rico and The United States.

She has also appeared in a number of harp recitals, both solo and together with others. Maya Hasan has also been performing in other countries al well, from solo recital in Malaysia and USA to soloist and joining the Bolshoi Ballet from Tushkent in Malaysia as principle harpist.

For the public of Indonesia , she creates two programs annually for children and adults, in corporating traditional melodies and instrument, thus creating a brain new image of the harp. Together with her music group Celtic, Maya Christina Worotikan Hasan produced the Sea Breeze Album (2000), contributed to the recordings of the PADI band (Kasih tak Sampai, 2001) and participated in theatre stage appearances with EKI Production playing the Harp for Sale song that became part of the Gallery of Kisses album (2002).
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